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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Turns out the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge can move apps to the MicroSD card

The Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, and LG G5 feature a MicroSD slot, but they don't use Google's new adoptable storage.
samsung upgrade lease program news 2 galaxy s7 edge front

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge don’t support Quick Charge 3.0, but the LG G5 does

Despite featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge don't support Quick Charge 3.0.
vivo xplay 5s news version 1456738712 leak 03

Overkill: There’s now a phone in the world that has 6GB of RAM

sprint 5g network 2019 building sign logo headquarters hq store

Sprint reverses course and brings back two-year contracts

After a one-month hiatus, Sprint brings back two-year contracts to give customers more choice.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung lets you ditch the app drawer — it’s like running iOS on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

New Samsung Labs area in Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge settings allows you to remove the app drawer.
fbi director cover your webcam james comey

FBI director discounts Apple’s comment that hacking a terrorist’s phone is dangerous

FBI Director James Comey scoffed at Apple's fears that helping the FBI get into the San Bernardino terrorist's iPhone 5C with special code is dangerous.
Tim Cook Apple Court

Apple files a motion to vacate the FBI’s request that it break encryption on terrorist’s iPhone

After several tense days, Apple filed a motion to vacate a court order that would force the company to help the FBI crack into a terrorist's iPhone 5C.
Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch market share blows away other smartwatches, but Fitbit rules all wearables

The Apple Watch had a successful 2015, selling over 12 million units and totaling two-thirds of all smartwatches sold.
microsoft hub keyboard news android garage project

Microsoft’s Hub Keyboard for Android and iOS blends functionality with multitasking

Microsoft's Hub Keyboard for Android gives users the ability to copy or attach relevant information without switching apps.
Samsung Galaxy S7

Here's how Samsung's dual pixel image sensor raises the bar for mobile photography

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge could be the best smartphone cameras ever thanks to a dual pixel image sensor,
how to watch apple september 12 event 2017 tim cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook opens dialogue with the public, as victims’ families speak out

The Apple vs. FBI case is heating up, and Apple opened up to help the public understand why it refuses to help the FBI crack into a terrorist's iPhone.
iPhone 5c pocket

Apple says the FBI changed terrorists’ iPhone password

Apple says the the FBI changed the Apple ID password on the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone less than 24 hours after the government took possession of it.
favorite vr headset poll samsung gear most innovative companies of 2015 02

The Galaxy S7 will be unveiled in 360-degree virtual reality, here’s how to watch it.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with a 360-degree livestream that you can watch on a PC, mobile device, Google Cardboard, or the Gear VR.
Apple iPhone 6s.

Get a new iPhone for as little as $15/mo with Apple’s new Trade Up program

Apple introduced Trade Up With Installments, making it easier to trade-in your old iPhone for a new iPhone.
gmail app

Envy Gmail users no more: Gmailify brings best Gmail features to your current email account

Google introduced Gmailify, which brings Gmail's best features to, Hotmail, and Yahoo email accounts.
A T-Mobile store.

T-Mobile continues to deliver results, profits more than triple during the 4th quarter 2015

T-Mobile nearly triples its net profit year-on-year and adds 8.3 million net customers during the fourth quarter 2015, but hints at slower growth for 2016.
tizen contest samsung phone z1

Samsung sells three million Tizen phones in 2015, but it still has a long way to go

Samsung's Tizen is still in its infancy, but it's making noise. Three Million phones were sold during 2015, and it could overtake Windows Phone soon.
visa 10 percent ownership square credit cards 123rf 02 10499938 ml

Visa gobbles up 10 percent of Square’s stock, now second-largest shareholder

Visa now owns 10 percent of Square, making it the second-largest shareholder of the company.
mqa universal music group deal hi res audio man and woman listening to

Give the gift of music this Valentine’s Day, Google Play Music now 50 percent off

Google is celebrating Valentine's Day with a big sale on Play Music All Access. Get 50 percent off for a limited time.

Chrome for Android can now receive alerts from nearby objects using the Physical Web

Starting with Chrome for Android beta version 49, Android users can now interact with Bluetooth beacons using the Eddystone standard.
archos 50d oxygen news official featured

The Archos 50d Oxygen smartphone promises to be high-end for $150

The Archos 50d Oxygen promises to be a high-end phone for $150
Weekly Rewind

Your Valentine’s Day date could be a dog, and we mean that literally

Bark 'N' Borrow matches dog lovers with those that crave canine companionship.
withings blood pressure measurement app monitor woman 01

Withings’ new Health Mate add-on makes sense of your in-home blood pressure tests

Withings is making it easier to better understand your in-home blood pressure results with a new algorithm called Hy-Result

Samsung follows Apple’s lead, updates its Android browser with ad blocking

Samsung rolled out an update to its Android browser which enables ad blocking, but Adblock Fast was swiftly taken down by Google.
tmobile smart fit t mobile headquarters hq sign image poster logo brand

T-Mobile offers up a free tablet, discounts on phones and accessories for Valentine’s Day

T-Mobile brings back the Tablet on Us promotion and offers deep discounts on phones and accessories for Valentine's Day.
iPhone 6S hands on

Latest Apple patent suggests big plans for the iPhone's home button

Apple's latest patent involves adding force sensing technology to its Touch ID and home button.
dual lens cameras takeoff 2017 iphone camera concept 02

Dual-lens cameras are coming to smartphones, but not until next year, says Sony

The dual-lens camera craze is coming to smartphones, but Sony says that it won't takeoff until 2017.
apple watch double iphone sales gallery

Smartwatch sales will hit 50 million this year, thanks to Apple

Smartwatches have been around for a long time, but they haven't enjoyed much success. However.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung’s removal of certain S Pen features might mean Android N will get stylus support

With both Apple and Microsoft now supporting a stylus, it seems to be a no-brainer that Google will do the same with Android.
tmobile smart fit t mobile headquarters hq sign image poster logo brand

T-Mobile’s network is finally worthy: the Un-carrier goes toe-to-to with AT&T and Verizon

T-Mobile's network coverage and speed is now as good as AT&T, and it's closing the gap with Verizon Wireless.
nexus 6p problems google phone android marshmellow 2

Google could finally pit Nexus phones against the iPhone

A fresh new report says that Google wants to be more like Apple in that it wants full control of the development and manufacturing of its Nexus phones.

BlackBerry closes the door on BB10 in favor of Android, but refuses to lock it

BlackBerry appears to be all in with Android, but will continue to issue software updates to its BlackBerry 10 software.
girls laughing at phone.

I let SwiftKey write my dating profile and the result was hilarious

Having trouble finding your soulmate? You can complete your dating profile using SwiftKey's amazing word predictions.
motorola moto x 2016 news version 1464260239 smartphone android google phone

The next Moto phone will be ‘more innovative’ and ‘more attractive’ says Lenovo chief

The Motorola flagship will be more attractive and more innovative, according to Lenovo chief executive Yuanqing Yang.