This is probably the classiest liquor cabinet of all time

Still keeping your booze on top of the fridge? Time to step up your furniture game and get yourself a proper liquor cabinet.

Even just a cheapo flat-pack cabinet would be a step in the right direction, but flat-pack Ikea furniture isn’t nearly as classy as this droolworthy boozebox from UK designer Buster & Punch. Handmade from either American black walnut or blackened ash (your choice) and studded with knurled brass handles, the Rockstar whiskey bar will add a touch of steampunk swagger to your pad.

With it’s transparent frontside panels and quilted black leather (or grey silk) backdrop, the cabinet serves as a handsome showcase for all your plastic-jug vodka top-shelf bottles and expensive drinkware. The inside of the cabinet also features an oldschool Edison bulb housed inside a wire heat cage, which gives off a soft, warm glow. Good luck staying away from all your booze when it looks so inviting all the time.

When the Rockstar finally coaxes you into making yourself a drink, just lift up one of the brass-hinged top panels and use the other one as a prep area.

The Rockstar is made to order by Buster & Punch, and if you absolutely must have one, it’ll put you back a bit over $5,200 bucks. A tad on the spendy side for sure, but that’s to be expected. Furniture this flossy is never cheap.