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The Purple PowerBase adjustable bed frame lets you rest and work in comfort

While the idea of having a robot in the bedroom may seem odd, when that robot comes in the form of a powerful PowerBase for your bed, all that machination and automation really comes in handy. Meet the Purple PowerBase, a new fully adjustable bed frame that promises to give you uniquely customized comfort and, most importantly, a better night’s sleep.

Perhaps one of the more sophisticated adjustable bases we’ve seen, the PowerBase offers not only the ability to adjust the position of your bed, but also its height as well. In addition to the programmable remote control, which you’ll use to set your favorite positions for reading, watching TV, sleeping, or anything in between, the bed also comes with attachments for three height options. So no matter how you like to spend your time in bed, Purple should have you covered.

This adjustable frame is claimed to offer 1,549,212 custom comfort positions as you alternately raise or lower your head, feet, or both areas simultaneously. The remote control allows you to set four customizable positions (most other beds only allow two or three), and also comes with a Zero Gravity option and an Anti-Snore button. The Zero Gravity option reduces G-Force pressure, mimicking the fetal position and elevating  your legs in an attempt to relieve lower back pain, swollen feet, or high blood pressure. As for the Anti-Snore setting, this elevates your head to help you breathe a bit easier (and your partner, too). Of course, you won’t have to depend on the remote control, as the companion Purple app will also allow you to manage just about everything about your bed from your phone.

For some additional R&R, the  Purple PowerBase also boasts a massage feature with five adjustable settings. But this isn’t the same massage promised by a number of other adjustable frames. First off, Purple’s massage targets your back, buttocks, and foot. But more uniquely, the PowerBase doesn’t just vibrate the bed. Instead, it claims to leverage “patented resonant-frequency massagers that can dilate your blood vessels, resulting in easier blood flow.” This in turn is said to lead to healthier blood flow, reduced stress, and general rejuvenation.

And as for the tech-obsessed among us, the PowerBase is capable of turning your bed into a home office. Not only can you adjust your position for optimum laptop work, but there are also USB and power outlets built into the bed so that you can easily keep you devices charged without ever crawling out of your pillow fort. Plus, there’s under-bed lighting if you need a little extra illumination when you’re burning the midnight oil.

While the Purple PowerBase does not have a trial or return policy, it does come with a 20-year limited warranty. The base is offered in a twin XL, queen, and split king sizes, and prices start at $1,399.

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