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New Ring cams get radar, fresh design, and now they can dispatch Amazon Astro’s robot

During Wednesday’s Amazon event, Ring announced a bevy of new products to join its large lineup. These products include the new Spotlight Cam Pro, Virtual Security Guard, and new software features for older products.

Ring Spotlight Cam Pro

First up is the new Spotlight Cam Pro, focusing on using radar sensors for improved motion detection. With the new radar sensor in the camera, you can set precise thresholds on when the Cam Pro starts to record and alert you to motion. Those sensors also power the Bird’s Eye View feature that will show you an estimated path someone may have followed. So, if a delivery driver dropped off a package, you can see exactly what route they took around your property. This view will show in a picture-in-picture format whether you’re watching live or a past event.

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Ring Spotlight Cam Plus Solar on the side of a house.

Ring Spotlight Cam Plus

The next generation of the Spotlight Cam is coined Spotlight Cam Plus. It offers a new design while maintaining all the features that customers expect, including two-way talk, color night vision, live view, and a security siren. The Spotlight Cam Plus will also be available in multiple power options, including Solar, Battery Wired, and Plug-in. You can pre-order the Spotlight Cam Plus now, starting at $200.

Ring Alarm Panic Button (2nd Gen)

There is also a new generation of the Ring Alarm Panic Button coming. This new button can be mounted on a wall or placed on a flat surface and works with all Ring Alarm generations. Within the Ring app, customers can choose whether the button will trigger Panic, Medical, or Fire assistance. The Ring Alarm Panic Button (2nd Gen) is available for pre-order for $30.

The Spotlight Cam Pro has additional features such as Color Pre-Roll, which starts recording before you check the alert so that you don’t miss any action, and Audio+, allowing you to hear sounds your camera captures. You can pre-order the Cam Pro with battery or plug-in now for $230, or with a solar power option for $250. The wired version will start shipping in the upcoming months, and you can sign up to be notified on Ring’s website.

Amazon Astro in a build with Ring Virtual Security Guard on its screen.

Lastly, Ring knows that neighborhoods also consist of businesses and want to further their product portfolio to help them. With that in mind, Ring has announced the integration of Ring Virtual Security Guard with Amazon Astro. This feature allows businesses that need an onsite security officer a less expensive yet still essential option. Astro will be able to use its Intelligent Motion, autonomous patrols, and smart alert features alongside a rapid response agent to keep businesses secure. In addition, Ring’s Virtual Security Guard feature can now work with existing ONVIF-compatible cameras for businesses.

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Amazon recently allowed third-party companies to tap into this new feature by revealing a new API. As a result, companies such as Google, Ring, and Abode have already added person recognition to their video security doorbells. According to Amazon, all of Ring's video doorbells and cameras should be updated now, while Google's Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam Floodlight, and Nest Doorbell will receive the update soon. In addition, Abode's IOTA and Outdoor Camera will also receive the update.

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