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Your kitchen will become your favorite room with the Samsung Chef Collection

Samsung Chef Collection
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It may be hard for you to sell your home once you equip it with Samsung’s new Chef Collection of built-in home appliances. Not because buyers won’t be interested, but rather because you won’t be able to say goodbye to your kitchen. Promising to reflect “the aspirations of a new generation of state-of-the-art homeowners who look to the kitchen not just as a room to cook in, but as a sophisticated reflection of who they are,” Samsung’s latest lineup features chef-inspired features in a suite of wall ovens, cooktops, pro ranges, and dishwashers. And as for refrigerators, the Chef Collection is said to have the industry’s first fully integrated 42-inch built-in 4-Door Flex model (larger than its current 36-inch model).

“The kitchen is the room we connect and spend time with family and friends. It’s where we relax, celebrate, nourish, and create,” said John Herrington, senior vice president and general manager of home appliances for Samsung Electronics America. “With its beautiful design and surprising technology, Chef Collection enable and inspires these important moments in our lives.”

The Samsung Chef Collection seeks to combine design and technology with high performance. Claiming a modern, minimalist, and sleek aesthetic, Samsung’s wall ovens are mounted flush to the walls, while its cooktops feature beveled edges and LED illuminated knobs that can be clearly seen from across a room. Both the new fridges and dishwashers are panel-ready, which means they can be customized over time as styles change. All of Samsung’s new appliances are available either in stainless or matte black steel.

As far as the technology in these appliances is concerned, rest assured that you’ll have a supremely connected kitchen. All of Chef Collection’s appliances are either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled so that you can control them from just about anywhere. Samsung’s 4-Door Flex refrigerator also boasts three View Inside cameras so that you can always keep an eye on the contents of your fridge, even if you don’t want to open its many doors. So if you’re out grocery shopping and don’t remember whether or not you needed more milk, simply open up the Samsung app and see what’s inside the refrigerator. This fridge also features Samsung’s Flex Zone, a compartment that goes from fridge to freezer with four temperature settings.

The cooktops and range hoods from the Chef Collection are equipped with Virtual Flame technology, which hopes to give folks the look and feel of a real flame even on an induction cooktop. Bluetooth-equipped hoods connect automatically to the Chef Collection pro range and cooktops, and turn on as soon as you turn on the stove. And finally, Samsung’s Flex Duo Oven has a smart divider that can separate a single oven into two cooking compartments, allowing you to cook at least two dishes at two different temperatures simultaneously.

Finally, Samsung is claiming that its installation process is “easier than ever” with the new line. Promising less cumbersome packaging and pre-drilled holes in the appliances themselves, these new appliances will also allow installers to run diagnostic tests thanks to their Wi-Fi capabilities.

The complete line of Samsung Chef Collection built-in appliances is now available at retailers nationwide.

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