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Sale at Microsoft Store knocks 20% off Samsung SmartThings devices

samsung smartthings w-fi box
Terry Walsh/Digital Trends

While the ‘smart hub’ has fallen out of favor recently as smart assistants take over, there are a few companies that still produce quality hubs, and Samsung is one of these manufacturers. The Samsung SmartThings line is the company’s line of smart hubs and sensors, and most recently a decent mesh Wi-Fi router system, and everything’s on sale for 20% off at the Microsoft Store at the moment.

While the traditional smart hub isn’t on sale, we’d honestly recommend you consider the Wi-Fi mesh system anyway, and especially if you’re using a lot of smart home devices. All those connected devices are going to require good connectivity to work well — and mesh systems are the best way to achieve it.

If you live in a small home under 1,500 square feet, the single pack option for $100 will work just fine, but larger homes will need to purchase the 3-pack, on sale for $230 (and also a dramatically better deal per device).

From there, you’ll want to choose sensors to outfit your home with. While there are quite a few available, we’d most recommend the Multipurpose Sensor, which is a contact sensor that is used to detect the opening and closing of things like windows and doors. They’re on sale for $16.

Next, you’ll want to pick up smart plugs to turn devices on and off automatically, which are on sale for $30, and motion sensors, on sale for $20. This will give you a good basis to start and you can build your smart home out from there.

Samsung’s SmartThings is standards-based, which means you don’t necessarily have to buy Samsung sensors to use them in your setup. Almost any device that uses the Zigbee or Z-Wave wireless communication standard will work, and you can use this site to find out if SmartThings officially supports its use on the platform. (We’ll also note that a substantial hacking community has formed around SmartThings, and many have gotten just about any Zigbee or Z-Wave device to work, but it voids your warranty).

This latest deal is only one of many smart home-centric ones we’ve seen in recent days at the Microsoft Store: Tuesday we covered a great deal on LIFX’s innovative Tile light, and there are a few others on the site itself. The fine print says that Microsoft guarantees the price until June 23, however they’re also “while supplies last.”

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