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Sansaire promises to transform your ordinary pot into an elegant sous vide device

sansaire delta sous vide 2 screen shot 2017 02 28 at 1 37 25 pm
You never knew what your humble pot was capable of — until you met the Sansaire Delta. Re-establishing its presence on the sous vide bandwagon, which is quickly becoming the latest trend for tech-savvy home cooks, is sous vide veteran Sansaire, whose latest product promises to make “perfect cooking even easier.” The clip-on device turns any old pot into a sous vide machine, which means that you can cook your next culinary masterpieces in a precisely controlled water bath. Trust us, it’s all the rage.

The point behind the sous vide technique is to create consistent, evenly cooked food. While controlling the temperature of your burner or your oven can be a bit dicey, water is much easier to manipulate (at least up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, after which it boils). And with a device like the Delta, you can decide exactly at what temperature you’d like to cook your meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, eggs, and more. Using the Delta is easy thanks to the device’s front-and-center interface, which promises to “transform your ordinary pots into quiet, precise, and elegant cooking devices.”

Of course, Sansaire isn’t the only player in the sous vide game. For example, there’s Anova, whose device is more of a stick that you place in a pot of water, in contrast to the Delta’s clip-on design. But both devices are Wi-Fi connected, and come with a companion mobile app available on both iOS and Android. With the Delta, you can program your cooking instructions and cook times directly from your smartphone, and receive a notification when your dinner is ready.

The triangular device is currently available for pre-order for $199, which means that it will practically pay for itself within a few meals (because if you’re going out to eat sous vide, you’d better be prepared to pay a pretty penny). Sansaire hopes for a ship date of August in the United States, and a bit later in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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