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Satechi LED desk lamp includes mood settings, USB charging

satechi smart led desk lamp

Launched during late January 2013 on the company site, the Satechi Smart LED Desk Lamp provides a variety of lighting settings that target specific user activities in addition to offering significant energy savings when compared to a traditional desk lamp. Ideal for a small desk or end table within a dorm room or a home office, the Smart LED Desk Lamp offers four preset lighting settings that alter the color temperature of the twenty-seven LEDs used within the lamp. As the color temperature changes, the natural tint of the light shifts from a bright white shade similar to daylight to a yellow tint that’s fairly similar to a typical overhead light in a room.

LED color temperatureFor instance, study mode provides a color temperature between 6,000K to 7,000K specifically designed to keep someone alert when cramming for a test or perhaps completing homework.

Reading mode shifts the color temperature between 4,300K to 5,300K and reduces eye strain when casually reading a novel, nonfiction book or magazine just for fun. Relaxation mode continues reducing the color temperature down to a much warmer feel and the final Bedtime mode provides a low level of warm light that allows someone to fall asleep comfortably.

The lighting settings can be controlled by the capacitive touchscreen panel at the base of the device. The user doesn’t have to worry about turning off the Satechi desk lamp since the timer, accessible from the touchscreen, will kill the light after one hour. Next to the connection for the power cord, Satechi has included a USB port for charging a mobile device like a smartphone. The flexible design of the desk lamp allows the user to easily alter the angle of the light or fit the desk lamp into an extremely tight space. 

According to Satechi, the lifespan of the LEDs within the desk lamp will average approximately 40,000 hours. In addition, the lamp will consume about 12.5 percent of the power of a traditional incandescent lamp and 50 percent of the power when compared to a fluorescent lamp. Satechi offers the Smart LED Desk Lamp in white and black at a MSRP of $149.

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