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Ditch the stove and give your food a hot bath with this Kickstarter

There have been no shortage of crowdfunded sous vide machines in the past few years, including several immersion circulators. The Smart Kitchen’s newest sous vide machine looks a little different than the round clip-ons like Anova, but you can still use it to create juicy steaks, seafood, and poultry.

Immersion circulators heat and monitor the water temperature to cook the perfect cut of meat at a much lower heat. The Smart Kitchen says its sous vide circulator is one of the easiest machines to use. The stainless steel machine has a 4-inch-by-4-inch square bottom, giving it stability when you put it in a pot, and it has a clip attached on the back. This sous vide is built with a heating coil, microcontroller, thermometer, and circulator. The machine also has a touchscreen panel to set the temperature. To keep the water a consistent temperature, the sous vide circulates just over three gallons (12 liters) of water every minute. Smart Kitchen says it’s accurate to within 0.1 degree Fahrenheit.

You can set the timer up to 99 hours, while six gallons of water can be heated up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit (98 degrees Celsius). A micro switch on the back of the machine is used to shut down the machine if it’s pulled out of the water while it’s still on.

In just three days, the company has been able to reach the halfway mark on their Kickstarter goal. For a pledge of about, you can claim an early bird special Smart Kitchen sous vide machine. Last year, the company also used the crowdfunding site to get funds for its Imperial Spherificator, which turns any food into caviar-like balls. As with all crowdfunding projects, back at your own risk.

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