Maria Mora

Maria Mora

Maria Mora is a creative, media professional fusing a background of audio production with editorial writing. Technology became an important part of her life at a very young age, when she discovered the power of the internet. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Audio Production.

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After a long wait, the Tovala oven is here for modern cooking convenience

Tovala, a high-end conventional oven, is built with industry standard technology that can thoroughly cook food in just 30 minutes. Aside from the oven, this device also comes with a subscription meal plan.
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The best microwaves for 2019

Microwaves aren't just a staple for college kids. Check out the best microwaves you can buy right now, whether you're in the market for a space-saving appliance or one that houses the latest in consumer technology.
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Keep it secret, keep it safe: 8 homes with awesome hidden rooms and passages

Harry Potter isn't the only one with a soft spot for hidden rooms. Check out these eight homes from around the globe if you're a fan of hidden rooms and covert architecture.
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The Fork It app helps Food Network fanatics keep track of their home-cooked meals

There are apps that monitor our calorie intake and motivate us to be more active each day, but there isn't one that encourages us to cook at home and be healthy. Seattle startup Kitchen Bowl developed a new app called Fork It that…

Moog’s new Model 15 app packs its $10K synth into the palm of your hand

Nothing can compare to the authentic analog synthesizers of old, but Moog is hoping to bring back the nostalgia in digital form. The synth maker's new app replicates its legendary Model 15 synth right on your iPad.
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Ditch the stove and give your food a hot bath with this Kickstarter

Imagine making a tasty cut of steak at your own home. Smart Kitchen has launched a smart sous vide machine, made entirely out of stainless steel that can cook your desired meal to your liking, using over 1,000 watts of power.