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Maria Mora

Maria Mora

Maria Mora is a creative, media professional fusing a background of audio production with editorial writing. Technology became an important part of her life at a very young age, when she discovered the power of the internet. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Audio Production.

what to expect kitchen bath industry show kbis 2019 tovala

After a long wait, the Tovala oven is here for modern cooking convenience

A high-end conventional oven called Tovala uses industry standard technology to cook food while offering a healthy meal subscription service.
biem butter sprayer kitchen tool

Rock-hard butter b’gone! This sprayer transforms a stick into mist in seconds (Update)

A high-tech butter sprayer called the biēm can transform a real stick of butter into liquid spray in just a matter of seconds.
flipping through the manual cooking with beer classy cast iron a happier camper drink your and eat it too  an introduction to

The Fork It app helps Food Network fanatics keep track of their home-cooked meals

Seattle startup Kitchen Bowl's new app Fork It helps monitor your home cooked meals, while encouraging you to stay healthy.
moog model 15 synthesizer app

Moog’s new Model 15 app packs its $10K synth into the palm of your hand

Moog has launched a new app that recreates its classic Model 15 synthesizer.
smart kitchen sous vide one water circulator

Ditch the stove and give your food a hot bath with this Kickstarter

Smart Kitchen's latest sous vide machine comes equipped with a touch screen panel on top of a stainless steel model.
dubai floating seahorse underwater rooms the dubia villa

There's no need to grow gills to live in this floating villa with an underwater level

The Floating Seahorse is Dubai's latest innovative project, consisting of floating villas with underwater rooms.
cyrano digital scent speaker

Cyrano is an air freshener that wants to give your videos smell-o-vision

Cyrano is a scented speaker that emits scents depending on the type of music.
Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Hub review 2

Logitech’s Harmony lets you put down your phone and use your TV for smart home control

Logitech Harmony updates their app to be compatible with Sony Android TVs, allowing users to control their smart home via television.
death star fire pit h0o46vg

Witness the fire power of this fully armed and operational Death Star fire pit

A class of high school welders made a Death Star fire pit, resembling the space mobile battle station in the Star Wars film.
ilumi smart light bulb detached luxury house at night view from outside front entrance

Turn your patio any crazy color you want with iLumi’s new outdoor LED

The ilumi smart light bulb is a Bluetooth-compatible bulb that can be controlled via an app.
bioo charge smartphone from plants lite phone charging plant

Phone-osynthesis : Bioo Lite is a pot that uses plants to charge your phone

Bioo Lite, designed by Arkyne Technologies, is a plant pot that is designed to charge your phone using photosynthesis.
pill drill smart medication tracking system

Forgot to take your meds? Ditch the plastic pill container for a smart tracking hub

The PillDrill is hoping to help those are searching for a more efficient way to keep track of pill consumption.
haiku ceiling fan artisan collection dapper application

You can now take these hand-painted Haiku smart ceiling fans for a spin

Haiku, a smart fan, can now be purchased with an abstract design.
watly solar powered water purifier solor computer 0001

This massive solar-powered computer can provide water for an entire village

Watly is the first, and largest, solar-powered water purifier and power generator.
temp pal smart thermometer patch 4

Stick this patch on your armpit, and it will continuously monitor your temperature

Temp Pal is a smart, tiny flexible patch that monitors your temperature via Bluetooth.

Flower power: This smart air purifier uses plants instead of filters

Clairy, a smart flower pot and air purifier, helps purify the air in your space via a fan and real plants.
laurel and wolf digital interior design applegate 414

Upload some photos, take a style quiz, and these online interior designers do the rest

Laurel and Wolf is an interior design startup that provide all of their services online.
greenbuilt launches hemphome tiny built of hempcrete prototype

Architects have high hopes for this Tiny+ home made out of hempcrete

Green Built is creating a first-of-its-kind Tiny+ house made out of hempcrete, a natural, non-toxic, renewable material.
sky kids app mobile tv 4

Sky Kids offers the most popular TV shows just for kids

European entertainment company Sky is launching a new app for children called Sky Kids. This app will have fun TV content specifically for children.
floatti smart suitcase suspension

The Floatti is the world’s first smart suspension ride suitcase

The Floatti is a smart suitcase designed to exceed the traveler's needs, while implementing suspension engineering on the wheels for a smooth ride.
kuvee smart wine dispenser kuve  e

Classier than a bag and better than a bottle, Kuvée wants to solve your wine woes

Kuvée is a WiFi connected dispenser that upon inserting a Kuvée wine cartridge, it will pour wine while preserving the remaining wine in the cartridge.
report advises governments to avoid encryption backdoors internet router

Obama says Google will start offering Internet access in Cuba

During his historic visit to Cuba, President Obama announced that Google is working on expanding internet access to all of Cuba.
knog oi bike bell image

This could be the first bike bell you ever buy

Australian bike accessories company Knog gives the century-old, standard bicycle bell a sleek, modern look.
spotify vs. pandora

Spotify agrees to pay $21 million to artists in unpaid royalties

Spotify reaches an agreement with the National Music Publisher's Association to pay back $21 million in unpaid royalties to music publishers.
sage home security system hughes

Sage security system allows you to call the proper authorities, no matter where you are

SAGE is a smart home and security system designed to protect the home, while giving users self-monitoring control through a smartphone or television.
obnoxious airline passenger bad passengers

Don’t be that guy: 6 unbelievable tales of fliers behaving badly

Check out some of the more ridiculous moments of fliers acting badly in recent airline passenger history.
run the jewels crown virtual reality maxresdefault

Get interactive with Run The Jewels’ new VR video Crown

Hip-hop duo Run The Jewels releases a virtual reality video for their new track "Crown." The video premiered on the NY Times VR app.
facebook live filters msqrd

Facebook gets silly with acquisition of face-swapping selfie app MSQRD

Facebook is purchasing popular face-swapping app, MSQRD, and the company behind the technology.
dinner call app family dinnercall

DinnerCall lets you order pre-made meals from your grocery store

DinnerCall lets families order ready-to-eat meals or pre-measured ingredients to make dinner from their local grocery store via an app.
plastic bottle cutter

This pocket-sized contraption transforms old plastic bottles into tough plastic rope

A small wooden contraption designed by French environmentalists can transform plastic bottles into strong and sturdy rope.
Echo Dot

Amazon’s Echo Dot and Tap bring Alexa to your stereo, and away from the outlet

Amazon introduces two new Alexa-enabled devices, the Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap.
moov chair charge device 7

The Moov chair captures kinetic energy while you sit, uses it to charge your smartphone

A Dutch designer created a chair that can convert human energy into electricity in order to charge gadgets.
teen sues parents facebook mother and daughter taking self portrait while easter time

Facebook users in France posting photos of their kids could face fines, jail time

French authorities are warning parents to not widely share photos of their children, as it could endanger their safety and privacy.
reddit threads nazi hitler mentions home page

Reddit 3016 is an interactive parody of what Reddit might look like in 1,000 years

An artist spent the last 4 years imagining what Reddit might look like in 3016, using fake articles and photo-shopped advertisements.