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The Fork It app helps Food Network fanatics keep track of their home-cooked meals

kitchen bowl fork it app
No matter how many hours of cardio or high intensity interval training you put in at the gym, the real key to losing weight and keeping off the pounds is a well-balanced diet. We already have apps and devices that help us monitor our calorie intake and motivate us to be more active in our daily lives, but Seattle startup Kitchen Bowl is hoping to inspire us to get back into the kitchen to cook healthy food and keep track of the progress at the same time.

Called Fork It (iOS), the app lets you track your home cooked meals, encouraging you to be healthier. Similar to FourSquare, you can check in by clicking the “Fork It” button and upload a photo of your meal. Users can set cooking goals for themselves to eat better, improve cooking skills, lose weight, save money, or spend more time with their families. The app also lets you set a goal for how many times you want to cook a week.

“Our early data suggests that we can double the number of dishes you make at home each week, helping you reach your wellness goals,” CEO and co-founder Ryan Waliany told GeekWire. “Based on research, every day that someone eats out, that person is consuming 200 more calories than they would’ve had if they cooked at home.”

Fork It also has an integrated point system, where you will generate points and earn badges for meeting your goals each week.The database aggregates internet recipes and uses machine learning to figure out your cooking and purchasing habits. As you upload photos into the database, the app will keep track of what you’ve cooked and suggest similar recipes to your meals. Fork It also connects you with friends that you can compete with on who is a better chef, or just simply show off your Emeril skills.

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