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Sage security system allows you to call the proper authorities, no matter where you are

sage home security system hughes
Once upon a time, we dreamed of having our lights turned on and off automatically at the touch of a button and of being able to monitor activity happening inside and outside our homes from another location. Sage is hoping to make lives easier by giving users access to control and communicate with a variety of its home automation devices, including cameras, motion sensors, and remotely controlled door locks, all while protecting the home.

Sage by Hughes security is a smart-home system designed to protect the home, while giving users the power to self-monitor. What makes the Sage different? For a monthly fee starting at $9 a month, you can use a unique feature called MyLocal911, which allows you to call local authorities with a simple touch of a button, even if you’re out of town. “They know exactly where you’re calling from; they know where the emergency is coming from,” VP of engineering David Lett tells Digital Trends. “So, you say, ‘I’ve got a bad guy in my house. I’m verifying that it’s real because I see them on my camera.’ They respond really fast because it’s not a false alarm.”

The entire security system is powered by the Sage Hub, tailored to work via television and mobile integration. Using an HDMI cord, connect the hub to the TV, your home Wi-Fi and automatically, a Control Center interface will appear. This interface provides you with wireless access to all of the Sage devices at home, allowing you to control these devices from your television screen. 

SAGE™ by Hughes™: Home Security and Automation

In cases where you are scheduled to leave town for a few days, your smartphone can come in handy when you need an update on activity happening in your home. Once the camera detects motion in an area, such as someone trying to break in through your window, it will automatically begin recording footage. This real-time viewing can be seen on your smartphone via the Sage app or through a computer browser.

Produced by EchoStar Technologies, this home security system is designed to be flexible and easy-to-use, allowing users to customize their security system while implementing a do-it-yourself installation. The system is sold as a Starter Kit ($200), Automation Kit ($300), and Security Kit ($350). Sage systems come with an essential service package for free, but at anytime, customers can upgrade to a premium service that includes a cloud video storage and the MyLocal911 feature. Prices start at $9 and go up to $24, depending on how many cameras are installed in the house.

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