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Flower power: This smart air purifier uses plants instead of filters

The term pollution probably makes you think of the air outside of your home, but indoor air quality isn’t necessarily pristine. Polluted indoor air causes millions of deaths and diseases each year, according to the World Health Organization. One company is hoping to bring more breathable air into your home via a smart, natural air purifier.

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Called the Clairy, it’s disguised as a ceramic flower pot that uses real plants to help filter the air. The flower pot has a built-in fan that guides the air inside your room to the roots of the plants, where there are colonies of microorganisms in the soil. The system works as a biofilter, removing chemicals like ammonia, benzene, and xylene, which produces fresher air, according to its creators.

Via the Clairy Android or iOS app, you’ll get updates about the room’s toxin, humidity, and temperature levels, thanks to sensors inside the pot. You’ll also find tips on how to improve your room’s air quality in the app. Clairy can also be adjusted to fit your needs if you have allergies or asthma or you’re pregnant.

NASA created a list of the best plants for filtering out toxic elements from the air, including aloe vera, English ivy, and snake plants. The plants aren’t included when you back the Kickstarter project, so you’ll have to provide your own and get your own soil. For a pledge of about $150, you can claim an early bird Clairy. For an extra $50, you can get a wooden tripod. The company has already surpassed their goal of $100,291 and plans to start shipping the pots in December 2016. That’s a pretty ambitious timeline, considering each ceramic pot will be hand-crafted. As usual with Kickstarter projects, back at your own risk.

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