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The new Wyze Air Purifier offers quiet, efficient filtration

Wyze has announced a new air purifier with three different filter options. You can choose which filter you want at purchase, but the other filters can be purchased at a later date and swapped out on the fly as needed.

The Wyze Air Purifier filter options include the Allergen (Standard) filter, the Formaldehyde (Premium) filter, and the Wildfire filter. It utilizes a true HEPA filter for 99.97% efficiency in eliminating harmful, airborne particles such as dander, pollen, and even smoke. The purifier has enough power to clean a 500-square-foot room up to three times an hour, and it’s not too loud even on the highest setting. The sound ranges from 21 decibels in its sleep mode to 54 decibels on its highest level — roughly the same volume as a refrigerator’s hum.

The Wyze Air Purifier provides real-time updates on air quality through the use of a high-precision laser sensor. It measures the air 100 times per second for particles as small as 0.3 microns in size and automatically adjusts the filtration level to compensate.

Of course, not all control is automatic. The Wyze Air Purifier connects to your phone through the Wyze app for easy control. Adjust the speed to your own preferences.

The Wyze Air Purifier is available for purchase today and will begin shipping immediately. Wyze is offering a special launch price of $130 for the Air Purifier with Allergen filter, $135 for the Air Purifier with Wildfire Filter, and $155 for the Air Purifier with Formaldehyde Filter. The price increases to $170, $175, and $195 plus shipping, respectively, once the launch window ends. Replacement filters will cost $35, $40, or $60 plus shipping, although if you subscribe to Wyze’s auto-replace service, you can net a discount of 12%.

With spring in full bloom across many parts of the country, your indoor air quality is more important than ever. An air purifier can lessen the impact of allergies and pet dander, and indoor air quality has even been shown to have an impact on cognitive performance.

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