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Moog’s new Model 15 app packs its $10K synth into the palm of your hand

moog model 15 synthesizer app
The music industry has slowly but surely conformed to the digital takeover over the past few decades. And while some would argue nothing can compare to the authentic analog contraptions that defined the sound of rock’s heyday, Moog is keeping current with the launch of a new iOS app that emulates its legendary $10,000 Model 15 synthesizer.

Designed for use with the latest iPads, the Model 15 app takes each feature of the real-life modular synthesizer and packs it all into one place. The filters, oscillators, knobs, switches, and most importantly, the high-quality sound of the modular synth were all painstakingly recreated for the new app. Like the physical version, the app also replicates the colorful patchbay system that allows you to manipulate sounds, in graphic form. Over 160 presets are found on the app, from bass-y monophonic textures to wacky polyphonic sounds, which can all be tweaked as well.

The Model 15 app also offers four touch interfaces: a sequencing arpeggiator, a ribbon controller, piano keys, and slider keys. Up to two controllers on the iPad can be used simultaneously, while the knobs on the app are simple to use by touching on the screen and moving your finger up, down, or sideways.

The app was specifically designed with Apple’s new graphics optimization framework technology, Metal. With this technology embedded inside, only 64-bit devices are supported, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and the iPad touch 6 — as long as it’s running iOS 9.3. Moog’s new app also supports MIDI controllers and keyboards. The app doesn’t come cheap, however, priced at $30 in the App Store.

Still, for those looking to expand the sounds of their audio arsenal, the new Moog Model 15 app is an enticing throwback to the old guard, sewn up into a conveniently portable package.

Available at: App Store

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