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Witness the fire power of this fully armed and operational Death Star fire pit

Whatever you made in your high school welding class, it probably didn’t end up like this. Reddit user Alphacodemonkey showed off his amazing Death Star fire pit, which he received from an auction winner. It was created by a local school’s welding class and looks amazing.

Believe it or not, it’s not the first of its kind. Last year, an 84-year-old man, Kenneth Triplett, built a steel fire pit that resembles the Death Star, at his granddaughter’s request. (Maybe she was inspired by this Darth Vader fire pit?)

Triplett, a New Mexico welder who has been designing custom-made fire pits for friends and loved ones in the past few years, didn’t know what the Death Star was. His granddaughter Jennifer Allison sent him photos and, along with the help of a Native American artist, he made the fire pit.

Allison shared some images on Reddit under the username Bandia5309. “He makes many of these as gifts, this one was one I requested,” she wrote about the project. “He’s sold other Southwestern designs. He has little knowledge of Star Wars or just how awesome this is.” Allison received an enormous response and asked her grandfather if he would be interested in making these available for sale. The grandpa-granddaughter duo opened an Etsy page and are able to run a decent business.

For a 30-inch diameter fire pit, you can purchase one for $1,000, while the 37.5-inch costs just $300 more. Customers can also request their own personalized version at no cost. Here’s the catch: To get one of these shipped to your house, it will cost you another $300 to $600. This fire pit may cost an arm and a leg, but telling your friends that you’re firing up the Death Star in your patio is priceless.

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