Need better sleep? GE's new smart LED light bulbs adjust with your circadian rhythm

smart led light bulbs c by ge lightbulbs
Light affects the human body, and it can impact how well you’re sleeping. That’s why the glowing blue screen of your smartphone can throw your sleeping schedule off. C by GE are two types of smart LED light bulbs that are supposed to provide an optimum amount of light for the human body by automatically changing light settings throughout the day.

C Life is a bulb that has variable light settings for everyday activities, while C Sleep has three settings — morning, afternoon, and evening — that can be synced to a user’s circadian rhythms for better sleep.

For C Sleep, the light bulb is able to emit different color temperatures throughout the day, which help regulates the body’s production of melatonin, a natural hormone that affects how awake and alert we feel. Therefore, the bulb should keep you perkier in the morning and afternoon, and then encourage sleepiness as it gets closer to bedtime. Fortunately, the app allows for personalization, so you don’t have to worry about your light bulb making you feel drowsy at 8 p.m. Unlike some smart lights, you can control the bulbs from your smartphone without a hub, as it works via Bluetooth.

Using the C by GE app, users can turn the bulbs on and off, adjust the current lighting setting and color, and set a schedule — all from their smartphones. It seems straightforward, even for those who aren’t so tech-savvy.

With C by GE, the company is also launching its first e-commerce business so that consumers can buy the bulbs directly from its website. Starting in January, a C by GE Starter Pack containing two C Life and two C Sleep bulbs will be available for $50. It’s 20 years worth of smart lighting, according to GE, and hopefully better health and sleep.

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