SMEG debuts colorful dual-fuel Portofino 48-inch ranges for no-compromise cooks

When Guastalla, Italy-based SMEG launches new kitchen appliances, you can count on four factors: retro-classic design, gorgeous high-end finishes, envy-inducing functional wizardry, and lofty prices. This week SMEG launched its Portofino Dual-Fuel 48-inch Pro-Style Ranges, available now at SMEG USA appliance dealers.

We had our first glimpse of SMEG’s Portofino ranges at 2017’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando. At KBIS 2017, the appliance manufacturer displayed a prototype 36-inch Portofino range with no announced launch date for the line. Now, a bit more than two years later, the 48-inch production models are ready for high-function appliance lovers with the budget (or credit line) to appease their appetites.

The Portofino ranges have two ovens, five gas burners, and an electric griddle. Stainless steel, front-mounted knobs control all function selections and temperature settings. The ovens have Ever Clean enameled interiors for easy cleanup and both have air-cooled, triple-glazed, removable doors.

Each oven also has separate electric elements for baking, broiling, and European-style triple convection. The ovens have soft-close doors and Thermoseal cavities for superior energy efficiency. Thermoseal consists of thick ceramic insulation wrapped in reflective foil sheeting to contain the heat.

There are 10 cooking modes for the primary multifunction electric/convection oven including a pizza function. The 4.5-cubic-foot oven has a programmable timer controlled with a touch display and an adjustable thermostat with a range from 120 to 500 degrees. The primary oven also has a vapor-clean function.

The 1.45-cubic-foot secondary electric/convection oven has four cooking modes and adjusts from 120 to 440 degrees.

Each of the five gas range top burners has a different temperature rating. Starting on the left side of the range, a double-inset super burner heats up to 20,000 BTUs. In the center, the front burner is rated 4,500 BTUs and the rear 1,200 BTUs. To the right of the front-to-back electric griddle, the front burner is rated 8,000 BTUs, and the rear burner is 12,000 BTUs.

The dual-fuel Portofino 48-inch ranges are available in eight colors and finishes: white, matte black, stainless steel, olive green, red, and yellow. SMEG also sells a matching range hood.

The Portofino range comes with a Wok ring, a rotisserie kit for the main oven, a deep oven tray and a total-extraction telescopic guide for each oven. The ovens also have two chrome shelves. Available options include a pizza stone and a grill plate.

SMEG doesn’t sell inexpensive appliances or compete with other brands on price, because the focus is always on function, features, and style. The stainless steel 48-inch Portofino Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range lists for $6,999. The other colors including white are $7,699.

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