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Boogeymen beware: SwitchLight turns ordinary light switches into night lights

A staple in children’s bedrooms everywhere, the standard nightlight remains an age-old fighter of closet-hiding boogeymen but comes with one major caveat: Its sheer design compromises any semblance of style or decor native to a bedroom. This is exactly why a small company out of Orem, Utah, called SnapPower just launched the SwitchLight, an easy-to-install light switch cover which quickly turns any switch into an automatic nightlight. Like many new products these days, the company took to the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter to help bring its unique fixture to the masses.

Not only does this novel invention beg for use in a bedroom, its innovative design allows owners to install it anywhere in the house to provide a touch of light. In other words, it may defend against boogeymen but it should also prove worthy of fending off any middle-of-the-night stubbed toes. Owners install the gadget by simply unscrewing an existing light switch and similarly installing the SwitchLight. Once completed, anytime the switch faces its typical off position, an LED light shines downward out of the bottom of the plate, providing just enough light.


“It’s LED lighting built into a light switch cover,” SnapPower founder Sean Watkins said. “In just 30 seconds, it turns your ordinary light switch into an automatic nightlight. The secret is SnapPower’s prong technology which automatically pulls power from the sides of the light switch as it’s being installed. Now, with your nightlights at switch level, you can free up your outlets for other things.”

Aside from its main feature of providing a sliver of light in an otherwise dark part of the house, the SwitchLight doesn’t look all that much different than a typical light switch. Furthermore, with its built-in dimmer switch, owners have the ability to precisely choose how much light it emits while in nightlight mode. For super early bird backers (as the Kickstarter page refers to them as), SnapPower offers its SwitchLight for just $10 — a 41 percent discount off its intended retail price.

As of this writing, the SwitchLight already amassed $102,000 to its crowdfunding goal of $25,000 with nine days left in the campaign.

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