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The SodaStream Art makes cocktails and sparkling water

SodaStream has been one of the top brands worldwide for changing water into sparkling or carbonated drinks. Now the company has announced that its latest and greatest sparkling water marker, The Art, is available nationwide. The company has also partnered with Dante, which was crowned the world’s best bar in 2019.

The partnership between these giants in the beverage industry comes to fruition via a limited-edition cocktail-making kit. The Sodastream Art x Dante Art Limited Edition Cocktail Kit includes everything a home mixologist would want for their bar. You’ll receive a drink recipe book that contains recipes for Dante’s rendition of the Paloma, Moscow Mule, and Spritzer, along with various never-before-seen recipes. Also in the kit are a custom-made shaker and jigger.

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The SodaStream X Bundle laid out with all components against a white background.

In the cocktail recipe book, you’ll find recipes for sparkling water creations that The Art can make. SodaStream’s new machine brings a unique flair to your drinks, but The Art also follows the company’s eco-friendly nature by reducing plastic bottle usage. The Art also boasts a slim and retro-looking design. The stainless-steel trim and unique carbonating level will make you feel like a top-tier mixologist.

SodaStream continues to lead the sparkling water category by introducing new features with its products, giving people everything they need in each package, and positively impacting the planet. For example, the company’s latest machine features QuickConnect technology, allowing users to quickly click the carbonating cylinder into the right place. The Art also comes with a 1-liter reusable bottle, which saves the ocean from being littered with plastic bottles.

The partnership between SodaStream and Dante seems a good match in that each focuses on “flavor, taste, and customization,” according to SodaStream General Manager Mark Fenton. Consumers can purchase the SodaStream x Dante cocktail making kit starting today by visiting the website. The bundle retails for $180.

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