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The Wallace modular shelving system is designed to resist falling off the wall

Wallace Draft Video
Wall shelving to organize and display what’s important to you saves floor space and can be a practical and attractive addition to your home or office. Shelving can also be a pain to put up and, with too much weight on the shelves, even harder to keep up, especially when installed on drywall. Creative furniture and “room goods” company Swenyo has what could be the answer for many with its new Wallace modular shelving system, currently available for pre-order in an Indigogo campaign.

The Wallace system starts with architectural-grade aluminum wall mounts. Angled nail holes on the mounts distribute the force of the shelving, which of course means the weight, to a wider area than conventional nails for greater strength. Next you slide Baltic birch plywood rails over the mounted aluminum sections. The rails have French cleats milled on the back which will further distribute weight when you slide them onto the mounts. At that point, you have horizontal rails ready for a wide selection of modular pieces that fit the Wallace system.

You can construct Wallace setups singly, for example by your bed as a nightstand substitute, or next to your workspace to reduce clutter and keep things handy. You can also combine rows of rails for modular accessories such as cup holders and small lamps and larger shelves and even boxes made of Baltic birch plywood that can serve as bookcases or display cabinets.

Wallace components are bundled in kits for specific purposes. For example, the bedside kit includes a 3-hook attachment, a cup for glasses or pens, a copper light cord ready for your light bulb, and a small brushed steel shelf unit with cutouts on the side for charging your phone. You can combine small and large shelf and box kits and, if you wish, cover a whole wall with Wallace components for the ultimately organized — and displayed — life.

According to the Indiegogo listing, Wallace modular shelving kits will start shipping in January 2017, but you can pre-order units at discounted prices now.

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