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Nanoleaf Lines ditches the panels for a modular wall-mounted light bar design

Nanoleaf has long been the company at the forefront of using lighting as aesthetic decor. First with the Aurora, then with the Canvas and the Elements, Nanoleaf consistently reinvents the idea of what smart lighting in the home can be. The new Nanoleaf Lines are no exception, bringing a new style of design to the Nanoleaf lineup.

The Nanoleaf Lines are backlit LED bars that can be arranged in nearly any pattern you want. They connect to one another at 60-degree angles. The Lines have dual-color zones that allow each one to display two colors at once. With more than 16 million colors to choose from, users can create vibrant light displays in their homes. One of the most impressive features is that it acts as a Thread Border Router, which means the Nanoleaf Lines can automatically connect to your home network without any hubs.

The Lines include all the features users have come to expect from other entries in the Nanoleaf lineup, including the ability to create unique scenes. Nanoleaf Lines come with 19 preset scenes, including seven rhythm scenes that utilize music visualization technology. You can explore many other scenes through the Nanoleaf app or create your own through the Scene Creator.

Nanoleaf Lines placed on wall.

The Rhythm Music Visualizer technology syncs with your favorite songs in real time to help you “see” your music in a new way. Each dual zone on the Lines will pulse and beat in time with the song. You can choose from 22 different Rhythm Motions.

The Lines can also reflect what’s on your TV screen or monitor through the Screen Mirror feature. It helps create a more immersive lighting experience through the four different modes, from Palette for more subtle transitions to Match mode for total accuracy.

The Nanoleaf Lines can be controlled through Amazon Alexa or Google Home, as well as through Apple HomeKit and Siri. There will be further customization available in the future through snap-on faceplates that act as a sort of “skin” for the lights. These will be available in black and pink starting in December.

The Nanoleaf Lines are available for pre-order now. The base kit starts at $200 for a set of nine Lines, while expansion kits (three Lines each) are available for $80.

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