Switch Modular Pocket Knife lets users carry just the right tools

switch modular pocket knife lets users carry just the right tools xl

If you’ve ever complained that no one has made the perfect pocket knife, or if you have three different ones for different occasions, now’s your chance to craft your perfect manly creation yourself. The Switch Modular Pocket Knife ($80) can be dismantled and reassembled into three different sizes of pocket knife, complete with your favorite tools. The set comes with two exterior body covers, two slotted caps to hold things together, and three sizes of interior axles from small (2-6 tools) to large (7-13 tools) to fit just what you need. The kit contains 17 tool attachments, including screwdrivers, a saw, various blades, a bottle opener, a flashlight, a pen, a magnifying glass, and even a 1GB USB drive. It all arrives in a neat little box so that you can easily assemble a perfect set of tools for everyday, or a grand adventure.