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TCL washing machine is gentle enough to clean eyeglasses, jewelry, and more

The TCL Classified Washing Machine X10 can clean more than just your laundry

TCL‘s website says the company is America’s fastest-growing TV brand and the second-largest TV manufacturer in the world (it sold more than 28 million televisions in 2018). Soon, though, TCL may become known for its appliances too, thanks to its newest creation, the Classified X10-110BDI washing machine.

The name of this washing machine sounds as futuristic as a robot from the Terminator franchise. And when it comes to washing machines, the X10 seems to boast a terminator’s level of technological sophistication. The machine has a stunningly large 12.3- inch TFT touchscreen that seems pretty futuristic on its own, but there’s more to this machine than meets the eye. It also uses ultrasound cleaning that is gentle enough to wash eyeglasses, jewelry, and wearable devices.

Along with the TFT touchscreen, the X10 can be controlled with voice commands and a mobile app. The touchscreen panel responds to voice commands by lighting up so you know it’s listening. Just what you’d expect from a good robot washing machine.

During the 2019 IFA expo in Berlin, TCL won the “Anti-Pollution and Separate Washing Innovation Gold Award” because the X10 is 100 percent pollution-free.

“As the founder of the industry’s pollution-free system solution, TCL Classified Washing Machine has once again revolutionized and subverted tradition,” a press release about the IFA expo states. “The X10 washing machine pioneers the door-seal-less, pollution-free structure, and develops the first compound roller washing machine without a door-seal structure in China, which eliminates pollution caused by the door seal that attracts and hides dirt. Users may bid farewell to all the dirt, and truly achieve 100% free pollution.”

TCL, in conjunction with Procter & Gamble, created another feature for the X10 called the “smart washing ecosystem”. There isn’t much information on what that means yet, but if it’s anything like the rest of this washing machine’s features, it’s sure to wow.

There isn’t any word on when the new machine will be released to the public, and searches on the the company’s website fail to bring up any information about the X10. We’ve reached out to the company and will update this post if we receive any new information.

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