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Amazon slashes prices on Smart WiFi Power Strip with four Alexa-compatible plugs

You can cut your smart plug costs in at least two ways with TECKIN’s Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip on Amazon.

Usually listed at $35 on Amazon, the Teckin Smart WiFi Power Strip, which has four smart outlets and four USB charging ports, is currently on sale for $28 with free one-day shipping for Amazon Prime members. However, if you use the 18TECKIN promo code during checkout, the price is cut further to $23, an overall 34-percent discount.

Smart power plugs generally range in price from $15 to $20. So a power strip with four separately addressable plugs cuts the per-plug price significantly as long as the lights or devices you’d like to operate are in the same room.

You can control each plug in the power strip by voice with Amazon Echo and Google Home, addressing Alexa or Google Assistant, respectively. The plugs are also IFTTT (If-This-Then-That) compatible and do not require a separate hub or subscription.

Tecking’s Smart Life mobile app can also manage the power plugs and the USB ports on the versatile power strip. With the app, you can set timers and schedules for each plug, configure device sharing, and monitor energy consumption.

To set up the power strip the first step is to connect the Smart Life app to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Like most smart home devices, you cannot complete setup with a 5GHz-only network. Most home networks support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals, so just be sure to use the 2.4GHz signal during setup.

If you use a mesh network, you may find that you need to move the smartphone running the setup app to the perimeter of your network coverage to isolate the 2.4GHZ signal. After initial setup, however, the smart power strip plugs should work fine anywhere within range of your network.

Because each power plug on the power strip has a separate IP address and name, you will have to install each of the four plugs separately. In practice, once you connect the mobile app with a 2.4GHz signal, setup usually takes only a minute or two for each plug.

The Teckin Smart Power Strip has a five-foot power cable and indicator lights for each plug and port. The case is constructed of flame-retardant materials and supports 100 to 240-volt applications for small and larger home appliances.

The Teckin Smart Power Strip is an Amazon customer favorite, with 460 customer reviews and an average 4.2-star rating (on a zero-to-five-star scale). The strip has secured both FCC and ETL approval. Teckin will replace the power strip at any time if the strip or the plugs are defective.

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