The DT3 – Our top new music releases for February 16

Each week the Digital Trends staff selects three albums that we think you should know about. Not in-depth reviews, just passing on some music we like.

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The Dears – Degeneration Street

In their fifth studio album, the indie band from Montreal brings back three old members and goes for big, arena-rock sound. Founder and leader Murray A. Lightburn lets his voice wander from a one-note mumble to a rock and roll howl on both softer songs and big anthems.

Bright Eyes – The People’s Key

The dark poet of the indie scene is back with a new album that strays from the band’s previous Americana-folk roots. Singer-songwriter Conor Oberst brings his deep, brooding sense of lyricism to this album with the addition of a slightly more electronic sound, something which may entice or push away longtime fans.

PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

Legendary alternative singer-songwriter PJ Harvey returns to the music scene with a haunting album about the events of World War I. Less of a history lesson and more of a pastoral storytelling, Harvey sings with emotion and fervor on songs recounting the dark days of Europe.

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