Gas castle: This truck transforms into a tiny home

If you saw Justin Hayward and Jola Siezen’s truck trundling down the road, you might not glance at it twice. While it doesn’t exactly look like a traditional camper, its unassuming façade doesn’t belie what it looks like when everything’s unfolded — with the possible exception of the two towers that are located at the back of the truck.

When the couple and their son, Piko, are traveling, the vehicle folds up; it has a retractable roof, walls that fold in, and rotating turrets. Yes, turrets. That’s because once it pulls off the road, the truck transforms into a mini castle, complete with towers. Sort of like how you used to open up your Castle Grayskull toy, the castle-truck expands, and there are lots of features to save space. It’s still a tiny home, but the couple designed it to capitalize on every inch.

There’s plenty of room for a kitchen, complete with a stove, sink, fridge, and counters. The doors push to the side, opening up the whole living space. The garbage can folds away when not in use, as does the baby’s seat. Clothes are stored in a lazy-Susan-style cupboard that spins around and automatically lights when open. The bathroom, about the size of something you’d see on an airplane, and separate shower, are housed in the turreted towers.

To keep everything as sustainable as possible, the couple installed a composting toilet and solar panels. They also use fire and gas to heat the water. Climb up beyond the lofted sleeping area, and you’ll see why they need a few ways to heat water: There’s a balcony on the roof that houses both a hammock and a bathtub. There’s also a food dehydrated built into the roof, so the family can keep themselves stocked with dried fruit.

The reason Justin and Jola wanted a home on wheels? She’s a traveling acrobatic performer.

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