Tokyoflash Kisai Online: Is this The Matrix on my wrist?

If you’re the kind of person who prefers funky, stylish watches over multiple functionalities, you may have already heard of Tokyoflash. It’s a company that constantly puts out uniquely designed wristwatches, some of which are fan submitted from entries around the world. The latest from Tokyoflash’s fan product line is the Kisai Online. The stealthy line-focused display looks like a series of signals that reveal time only when you turn the clock face towards you.

This time, the design hails from Sam Jerichow in Germany who wanted to create something inspired by the floating lines that usually come with bracelets. However, the result is much more masculine and technologically-advanced looking than your traditional accessory. The touch-based LCD screen animates each time the watch senses it’s facing the wearer, and the lines convert to reveal a hidden time. The lines on the upper half of the face denotes hour while the lower half, the minutes. The same goes for telling date, whereby the month is up top and date on the bottom. The lines move very slightly to show the curvatures of the numbers hidden within the face.

“This is a watch for men and women who like to wear some artistic, technic inspired bracelet,” Jerichow describes. “It is a challenging watch at first, but actually a really easy to read one. It needs a little practice to distinguish the single elements, but the wearer has the advantage to learn and to impress the friends.”

The tricky interface is much like our previously-reviewed Kisai Stencil which forces users to read between the lines to figure out the numbers, Kisai Online plays along the same notion. The watch reminds us of The Matrix strapped around our wrist, or feeling like James Bond with his awesome gadgets that no one’s ever going to configure. As with all Tokyoflash watches, straps are adjustable, the watch is unisexual, included battery lasts for up to one year, and are sold in limited edition only. The stainless steel strap can also be altered if you need to remove a link to shorten the length. 

Obviously, this one is going to be based on personal style whether you prefer the stealthiness or just want a clear way to tell time on the go. The Kisai Online is available today in black or white bands, with an option of blue, red, or natural backlight colors. If you order within the next 34 hours, Tokyoflash will offer an introductory price of $150 before the tag bumps back up to $170.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of the Kisai Online. 

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