Meet Trunkster, the tricked out travel suitcase you should fund immediately

If you’ve ever sworn at your suitcase for its shortcomings, or even punched it for its imperfections, then perhaps it’s time to seek out luggage that leaves you feeling altogether calmer, especially if you’re a frequent traveler.

Looking to create a different kind of suitcase that offers features not seen with most of what’s currently on the market, a small team of New York-based designers have come up with Trunkster.

The case launches today on Kickstarter with a modest $50,000 funding target, and if all goes to plan, you could have one accompanying you to the airport by next summer.


Trunkster’s standout feature is surely its innovative rolltop door, allowing fast and easy access to your belongings. That’s right, there’s not a zipper in sight, and the corrugated sliding door exposes the entire contents of the case in one simple move, letting you grab what you need before quickly rolling the door securely back in place.


The case, which comes in checked and carry-on sizes, incorporates a built-in digital scale meaning no more awkward balancing acts on the bathroom scales. Simply lift the case and read off the weight from the digital display on the top.

Battery included

Ever been one of those folk desperately searching out a power point at the airport so you can get your smartphone powered up before the flight? The carry-on version of Trunkster contains a removable battery and USB charger, allowing you to recharge your mobile devices at your leisure.

The team behind Trunkster has also taken care to design a robust handle that it claims offers far more versatility than those flimsy telescopic ones you still find on so many of today’s suitcases.


Finally, the case comes with GPS as an optional extra, so should you ever become separated from Trunkster, locating it should be a simple enough exercise.


Constructed from brushed airplane-grade aluminum and a durable, scratch-resistant polycarbonate material, Trunkster looks as solid as it does stylish, and could prove a hit with discerning travelers looking to combine aesthetics with convenience and functionality.

Carry-on Trunkster comes with a $295 price tag, though get in early during its Kickstarter campaign and you can save yourself $90. The larger case will set you back $335, though as with the carry-on piece, a limited number are available for $245.