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Walabot’s new DIY Plus wall scanner ups its Superman vision game

We’ve written about Vayyar Imaging’s 3D technology before, whether it’s in the context of keeping tabs on grandparents or creating a completely transparent smart home but it’s not done innovating, apparently. The company revealed that its next generation of its all-in-one smart scanner, the Walabot DIY Plus, can use its infamous “Superman vision” 3D-scanning technology to create a visual map of nearly everything inside your house, including metal and wooden studs, pips, wires and, um, rats and other invasive critters.

“Our team is constantly working to develop Vayyar’s 3D-imaging technology and find new, innovative ways to make our customers’ lives better. The evolution of Vayyar’s flagship consumer product, Walabot DIY Plus provides a window into your walls and pushes the boundaries of radio-wave technology,” Raviv Melamed, CEO and co-founder of Vayyar, said in a statement. “The device analyzes tens of thousands of pulses when it scans a wall, providing unprecedented 3D-imaging capabilities. With the release of Walabot DIY Plus, our goal is to provide an affordable and intuitive device to turn every homeowner into a DIYer.”

While the rat-finding thing is a bit weird, Vayyar’s imaging technology has always been a bit of a trip. Vayyar’s proprietary technology combines multiple capabilities into a single sensor that covers an entire smart home. These small, cost-efficient sensors send multiple radio frequency waves that are interpreted by Vayyar’s software to create a 3D image of what’s going on in the environment. Every time these electromagnetic waves encounter different materials, the reflection from that signal is collected by Vayyar’s sensors.

The technology behind Vayyar’s sensor’s make is possible to see up to four inches beneath a wall’s surface, which compared to a level or a sledgehammer, makes the company’s 3D-imaging technology a heck of a tool. As always, there’s an app, and the Walabot DIY Plus attaches almost automatically to any Android phone with OS 6.0 or above and can be controlled by the free app available via the Google Play store. The device itself has a few new cool features, including a new casing that features easy slide strips so scanning of your walls, however rough or complicated, is super easy, and a software upgrade that enhances Vayyar’s already pretty sophisticated wall scanning technology.

The device, including all its cool scanning technology, is available for $90 here.

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