VeohTV Goes Into Limited Beta

Veoh Networks has announced a limited public beta of VeohTV, its free new application which promises users video-on-demand and DVR capabilities for virtually all online video—including content from major television networks like Fox and CBS. Joost leverages open Internet standards to be able to tap into a wide variety of online video content from sites like YouTube, Google Video, and MySpace, while providing a simple interface which can easily be navigated via a remote control. Further, custom “widget” expand VeohTV’s capabilities to handle sites like Amazon, eBay, Gmail, and Craigslist, and a recommendation feature lets viewers easily find more of what they want to see.

“Unlike Joost, which is a closed system with content from a limited number of sources, VeohTV supports open Internet standards, and has access to virtually all of the video content on the Internet, on demand.” said Veoh CEO Dmitry Shapiro, in a release. “We asked users what they really want in their online video experience and VeohTV is the culmination of that feedback.”

Other features in the VeohTV application include full-screen viewing, integrated keyword searching across thousands of video-hosting sites, channel-based browsing, and the capability to set favorites and subscribe to shows, channels, and producers. The program also includes a DVR-like capability which can download “permitted” videos to watch at a later time, either online or offline. As with Veoh’s existing video hosting service, VeohTV is also set up to serve as a marketing and distribution mechanism for publishers and content providers, offering tools which let content owners monitor the success of their campaigns and measure their audiences.

VeohTV is currently available in a private beta; users can sign up for it on the VeohTV Web site. The company hasn’t released any system requirements, although their Veoh Player supports Windows and Macintosh systems.