Wall Street Journal Redesigns Home Page

The Wall Street Journal said yesterday they’d redesigned their home page in the first significant set of changes since 2002. These changes are designed to bring about greater ease of use while at the same time adding new options for personalization.

Changes to the WSJ’s front page, the newspaper said, include new navigation links along the top of the page and the left-side navigation bar, a new personalization section dubbed My Online Journal where users can find their personalized news (the news also appears in a scrolling box on the right side of the home page), “at a glance” headlines from each main section and, later this week, dynamic updates in the “What’s News” section as news is published using AJAX technology.

“The site now has what we believe is the state-of-the-art online-user experience, with new navigation and design to help our readers more easily find the news, features and tools that matter most to them,” said Bill Grueskin, managing editor, The Wall Street Journal Online, in a statement. “Readers will still receive the type of news and information they demand, and at the same time will find the page easier to use and more visually appealing.”