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Get a free Google Home Mini and smart bulb when you buy a Google Nest Hub

Walmart isn’t shouting this Google Home Hub bundled deal from the rooftops, but if it did, Google Assistant smart home fans might break the internet to snap it up. For a limited time, when you buy a Google Home Hub (newly renamed the Google Nest Hub), on sale for $30 off, Walmart throws in a Google Smart Light Starter Kit for no extra charge. The Starter Kit includes a Google Home Mini and a GE C-Life Smart Light Bulb.

We watch smart home product prices at all major online retailers daily, looking for the best deals, especially deals on Amazon Echo and Google Nest Home devices and bundles. Whether you’re on the hunt for a last-minute Father’s Day gift or are looking to start or augment a Google Assistant-driven smart home hubs, this bundled deal can help you save up to $85.

The Google Nest Hub is a smart display with a 7-inch diagonal touchscreen and a full-range speaker for reasonably good music sound quality. Setting up the Google Nest Hub is easy using your smartphone. It uses far-field voice recognition for multiple users with hands-free voice requests. You can ask questions, and the Hub answers with all the power of the Google search engine. Request alarms and timers, check the news and weather, check and make changes and additions to your calendar, make and take voice calls, and view recipes including step-by-step video instruction, all with one device. You can also stream music and playlists, watch films, TV shows, and YouTube video. Also, the Google Nest Hub can serve as a command center to manage your other smart home devices and systems.

The Google Smart Light Starter Kit that is added with no extra charge for this deal includes a Google Home Mini smart speaker and a single GE C-Life Smart Bulb. You can use the Mini for the same list of functions as the Hub, minus image and video content. Used in conjunction with the GE C-Life Smart Bulb, the Mini can turn the light on or off with voice commands, a convenience you may need to experience to appreciate. When your hands are full as you enter or leave a room or when you just don’t feel like getting up out a chair or bed to flick a light switch, voice control for your lights is more than just a neat tech trick, it can add to your quality of life.

Normally priced $184 if purchased separately at full price, the Google Home Hub bundled with a Google Smart Light Starter Kit is just $99 during the sale, saving $85. Even compared to buying both products at recent sale prices, you’ll save a minimum of $45 on the bundle. If you want the best Prime Day deals we’ve seen yet with a combination of a Google Assistant smart speaker, smart display, and a smart light bulb, jump on this great opportunity to buy at this low price.

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