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The Whizz Bang helps boys improve their marksmanship when nature calls

No one likes to walk into the bathroom and discover evidence of poor marksmanship on the toilet seat. For parents and spouses sick and tired of cleaning up someone else’s mess before doing their own business, there’s Whizz Bang.

Instead of allowing a bathroom goer — be it a child who is just learning how to use the toilet or an adult who should know better — to shoot from the hip, Whizz Bang turns every trip to the toilet into a game.

The device installs with a simple, universal mount. Once in place, it creates a target to aim at with an LED light. That bull’s eye not only helps kids maintain their focus on the process of peeing, it helps people of all ages cut down on the splash back that can come from poorly aimed bathroom trips. It doesn’t quite turn your toilet into a fully functioning smart toilet, but it does the trick for its specific task.

Whizz Bang - Official Indiegogo Video

When a person going to the bathroom manages to hit the LED target projected into the toilet bowl, they are rewarded with arcade sound effects that encourage them to stay on target. The product doesn’t go all the way with gamification—there are no scores or long-term tracking of any sort. That’s probably for the best, though. Unlocking achievements for going to the bathroom may be a step too far (and it may even have the accidental side effect of encouraging people to drink more water so they can play more).

To be clear, Whizz Bang is not yet available, so if you’re looking for a quick fix to your potty training woes, you’ll have to look elsewhere. The product is currently raising funds via IndieGoGo and is looking to raise $10,000 within the next month.

Pre-orders for the product start at $19 and promise delivery to “early bird” backers by April 2019. If you don’t get in on the discounted price for early supporters, Whizz Bang will run you $24 — though the delivery date remains the same. Or you can use the eight-month wait to receive the Whizz Bang to train your children without the benefit of technological assistance.

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