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Turn your toilet into a bidet with the Slim Two Smart Toilet Seat

Slim Two
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There’s no need to abdicate your crown — you simply need to replace your throne. Your porcelain throne, that is. If you’d like to spruce up one of the most essential rooms in your home, perhaps it’s time not for a new toilet, but simply a new toilet seat. And here to help is the Slim Two Smart Toilet Seat. Heralded as the ultimate bathroom upgrade by Bio Bidet, this new Kickstarter project is said to be a “cleaner, healthier, and more eco-friendly smart toilet seat.” If nothing else, you know you’re intrigued.

Think of it as a bidet in a toilet seat. But instead of having to buy a clip-on device to spray water at your rear, or replace your entire toilet with an expensive system, the Slim Two offers many of the same benefits but at a more affordable price. “The Slim Two is designed to bring a new level of quality, comfort, and cleanliness to your bathroom,” its Kickstarter page notes. With features like a heated seat, stainless steel construction, and even a night light to help you aim when you go in the dark, this may be the royal treatment you deserve.

In order to use the Slim Two, you’ll have to plug the entire contraption in (so if your toilet isn’t located near an outlet, you’re a bit out of luck). But should you be lucky enough to have a power source near your rear, the Slim Two can jump into action. There’s a retractable stainless steel nozzle to direct the spray, and that appears when you need it, and retracts when you don’t. There’s also a massage function that you can turn on and off using the control panel on the side of the toilet seat, as well as a Turbo function, that we assume is not for the faint of heart.

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You can control the temperature of the water, as well as the temperature of the seat, and when you’re done, the Slim Two is said to be totally self-cleaning (though we’re not entirely sure of how that works). The Slim Two is also said to be DIY-friendly, which means you shouldn’t need to hire a plumber to install it. In fact, the Kickstarter page suggests that the seat and attachments will all work with your existing plumbing.

There still aren’t all that many details on exactly how the Slim Two will work, but if you’re interested enough in becoming an early backer, a pledge of $169 should get you a Slim Two seat. Delivery is expected for February 2018.

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