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Why have run-of-the-mill power outlets when you can have Leviton’s USB Charger ‘receptacles’?

Leviton USB chargerThough it might be the very definition of a “First World Problem,” it’s nevertheless aggravating as hell when you need to charge two devices with brick-sized chargers that refuse to fit in the same wall socket. Leviton’s new USB Charger Receptacle goes a long way toward relegating those obnoxious wall warts to the travel bag for good. It’s a replacement wall outlet that trades one receptacle for a pair of USB ports, good for charging just about anything that uses a standard USB connection. The right-hand port is high output, suitable for tablets and other large devices, and the total power output of both ports is a hefty 2100mA (a touch more than an iPad charger). The remaining electrical outlet is shuttered (to meet current US electrical code), bringing peace of mind for parents of curious tots. The charger outlet is a Decora-style receptacle, available in a variety of common colors. Replace a few outlets around the house with these, and you’ll have the time, clarity, and battery power to deal with real problems, like binge-watching seasons of Arrested Development to get up to speed for the new one.

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Ends tonight: This Shark self-emptying robot vacuum is $200 off
The Shark Matrix RV2320S self-emptying robot vacuum on a white background.

If you need help in keeping your floors clean, you should think about buying a robot vacuum. For utmost convenience, you may opt for the Shark Matrix RV2320S robot vacuum, which is available from Best Buy with a $200 discount that slashes its price to just $300 from $500 originally. There are only several hours left before the offer expires though, so if you think this smart home device is exactly what you need, you're going to have to hurry with your purchase if you want to secure the savings.

Why you should buy the Shark Matrix RV2320S robot vacuum
The Shark Matrix RV2320S is a self-emptying robot vacuum, which our guide on how to choose a robot vacuum says is one of the top features to consider when buying one. Instead of having to empty it yourself after every cleaning session, the Shark Matrix RV2320S dumps all the dirt, dust, and debris that it picks up into its self-emptying base, and you won't have to deal with it for up to 30 days. The base also functions as its charging station, which will replenish its battery that lasts for up to 90 minutes of runtime.

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How to Drop In on an Echo, Echo Show, or Echo Dot
Drop In on the Amazon Echo Show 10.

There's a lot to love about Echo devices like the Echo Show 8 and Echo Dot, including their support for Alexa and impressive audio capabilities. But one of their lesser-known features is called Drop In — and when used properly, it's an easy way for extended families to stay connected. Essentially, it allows you to use your smart speaker or display as a makeshift intercom, communicating with friends and families around the world.

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How to use Amazon Echo as a doorbell chime
The Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 installed near a door.

Did you know you can use your Amazon Echo smart speaker or your Echo Show smart display as a doorbell chime? As long as you have a compatible doorbell product that Alexa can handshake with, you’ll be able to receive doorbell notifications in the form of audible chimes, as well as video live-feeds (if you’re using an Echo Show). 

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