Why have run-of-the-mill power outlets when you can have Leviton’s USB Charger ‘receptacles’?

Leviton USB chargerThough it might be the very definition of a “First World Problem,” it’s nevertheless aggravating as hell when you need to charge two devices with brick-sized chargers that refuse to fit in the same wall socket. Leviton’s new USB Charger Receptacle goes a long way toward relegating those obnoxious wall warts to the travel bag for good. It’s a replacement wall outlet that trades one receptacle for a pair of USB ports, good for charging just about anything that uses a standard USB connection. The right-hand port is high output, suitable for tablets and other large devices, and the total power output of both ports is a hefty 2100mA (a touch more than an iPad charger). The remaining electrical outlet is shuttered (to meet current US electrical code), bringing peace of mind for parents of curious tots. The charger outlet is a Decora-style receptacle, available in a variety of common colors. Replace a few outlets around the house with these, and you’ll have the time, clarity, and battery power to deal with real problems, like binge-watching seasons of Arrested Development to get up to speed for the new one.