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Matt Davis

Matt Davis

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Matt Davis is a tech wonk, musician, home hacker and family man. He is driven by a love for trivia and an obsessive need to know how everything works; by age eight, he had disassembled everything electronic in the house (except, by parental fiat, the TV and microwave). When not writing for DT, Matt is a software architect at Earth Class Mail.

Samsung’s Latest Dishwasher Includes a Wall

Flir One temperature 2

Hands on: FLIR One Thermal Camera

Pro chef’s shocking fridge advice to Samsung? ‘Colder is better’

Who needs two iRobots when Moneual has one ‘bot to vacuum and mop?

Okidokeys smart-lock system lets you keep your deadbolt, but ditch your keys


T-fal OptiGrill review

lgs new mega ultra door refrigerators may also transformers lg frig feature

LG’s new Mega and Ultra door-in-door refrigerators may also be Transformers

moneual rydis mr6550 review vacuum front top angle

Moneual RYDIS MR6550 review

optigrill gets into the indoor grilling ring with less george foreman more british accent header 2

OptiGrill gets into the indoor grilling ring with less George Foreman, more British accent

Our mates from across the pond have developed a very George Foreman-like countertop grill with a raft of features that will have you in feasting in no time.
irobot roomba 650 review front angle

iRobot Roomba 650 review

Lazy men rejoice: Stand just made proper bathroom etiquette easier than ever

GE profile wall oven iso

Dude! I’m controlling my oven with my phone!

iOS Cameras

Run your own NSA with apps that turn iOS devices into spy cams

GE coffee maker

GE Cafe’s latest refrigerator will make believers out of in-door dispenser skeptics (those killjoys)

Dyson D44

Dyson’s new Animal cordless continues the objectification of devices that suck

stupid americans you dont need so much space for your washer and drier lg dryer combo

Stupid Americans, you don’t need so much space for your washer and dryer!

Cylindra Isola

Faber turns the lowly range hood into an element of high-end kitchen design

cree brings a novel idea to led light bulbs by making them look like lightbulb

Cree brings a novel idea to LED light bulbs by making them look like … light bulbs

put eyes anywhere you have a camera with ivideon home security

Put eyes anywhere you have a camera with iVideon home security

Leviton USB charger

Why have run-of-the-mill power outlets when you can have Leviton’s USB Charger ‘receptacles’?

Moen Motionsense

Moen brings airport bathroom-level convenience to your kitchen faucet (in a good way!)

induction cook tops arent just for precisely sized pots and pans anymore wait what cooker

Induction cook tops aren’t just for precisely-sized pots and pans anymore! Wait … induction what?