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Matt Davis

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Matt Davis is a tech wonk, musician, home hacker and family man. He is driven by a love for trivia and an obsessive need to know how everything works; by age eight, he had disassembled everything electronic in the house (except, by parental fiat, the TV and microwave). When not writing for DT, Matt is a software architect at Earth Class Mail.

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Samsung’s Latest Dishwasher Includes a Wall

Samsung’s recently announced high-end Chef Collection line includes a dishwasher with several features that might change what you expect from dishwashers of the future. A unique water delivery system, display, and third rack enhancements…

Hands on: FLIR One Thermal Camera

FLIR's new thermal imaging camera accessory lets you go all Predator with your iPhone.
Smart Home

Pro chef’s shocking fridge advice to Samsung? ‘Colder is better’

Samsung polled pro chefs to find out what culinary whizzes want in a fridge, then built this epic stainless-steel beast for its high-end Chef's Collection.
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Who needs two iRobots when Moneual has one ‘bot to vacuum and mop?

After the success of its first Rydis vacuum bot, newcomer Moneual returns with an all-in-one bot to both vacuum and mop, potentially taking the place of both a Roomba and a Scooba.
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Okidokeys smart-lock system lets you keep your deadbolt, but ditch your keys

Want to get into your house with your phone, but don't want to replace your trusty analog lock? The new Okidokeys systems lets you keep your existing lock and upgrade with smart-lock superpowers.
Product Review

T-fal OptiGrill review

Tell T-Fal’s OptiGrill which meat you’re cooking, and it will sense its thickness to cook beef, chicken or pork to perfection, no user intervention needed.