Moen brings airport bathroom-level convenience to your kitchen faucet (in a good way!)

Moen MotionsenseIf you’ve often found yourself hand washing in an airport bathroom, thinking “Why doesn’t my kitchen faucet work like this?”, then Moen has a new faucet for you. And if you’ve often found yourself hand washing in an airport bathroom thinking, “Thank God my kitchen faucet doesn’t work like this,” never fear! Moen’s new MotionSense faucets do the standard automatic jobs one better by providing two separate sensors. The top-mounted Wave sensor activates when a hand is waved over the faucet, and keeps the water running until the gesture is repeated. The lower Ready sensor starts water flowing when an object is placed under the faucet, turning off automatically after the object is removed. The auto-on water temperature is adjustable on the under-sink control box, and can always be overridden by using the handle. The faucets operate on 6 AA batteries that Moen claims will last about a year with normal use; an AC adapter is also available if there’s power under the sink. The faucets are available in four different styles and several finishes to match any kitchen decor, and all feature Moen’s smooth operating Reflex pull-out sprayer.

If you’ve never found yourself thinking about your kitchen faucet while hand washing in the airport bathroom, Moen has plenty of perfectly normal faucets as well. Killjoy.