Dyson’s new Animal cordless continues the objectification of devices that suck

Dyson D44Dyson continues to make the mundane job of floor cleaning sexy with the DC44 Animal cordless vacuum; even the most housework-averse among us will want a turn. The DC44 runs exclusively on its internal rechargeable batteries, so your cleaning sessions are limited to 20 minutes between recharges; significantly less, if you make much use of the Boost feature that trades battery life for increased suction. All Dyson’s cordless vacs are powered by their Digital Motor technology (essentially some clever tweaks to the brushless motor you’ll find cooling your computer), which makes for a much quieter machine than its larger plug-in cousins. At five pounds, it’s less backache-inducing than hauling a plug-in vacuum around, but don’t expect the same kitty-threatening suction of Dyson’s upright models. Like many recent Dyson vacuums, the brush bar is electric (no belt to maintain) and easily removed for the occasional required de-furring when your home has long-haired inhabitants. The DC44 only ships in the Animal variant, which includes the improved motorized mini-tool for spot cleaning tight areas, along with the standard crevice and retractable brush tools. Dyson’s DC44 is a far cry from the wimpy cordless vacuums we all grew up with.