Stupid Americans, you don’t need so much space for your washer and dryer!

LG-washer-dryer-comboSingle tub washer/dryer combos have been popular in Europe and Asia for decades; in fact, it’s rare to see a Japanese apartment without one. Their small size, combined with portability and flexibility of installation explains their popularity; most don’t require a dryer vent, and will plug into a standard household outlet. However, these units have only been available in North America for a few years, and most Americans have still never encountered one. Unlike the closet laundry centers and stackables that many apartment-dwellers are familiar with, these units wash and dry in a single tub, so no worries about moving wet loads into the dryer- a major boon for the lazy and distractible among us who’ve let a load go sour in the washer. Start a load on the way out the door in the morning, and it’s all done when you get home! Korean manufacturer LG was one of the first to bring ventless combos to the US, and they are the only manufacturer to offer a full-sized 3.6cu. ft. capacity (in addition to smaller 2.3cu. ft. capacity machines). Also available is a portability kit that adds wheels and a sink hook-up, to easily allow laundry facilities to be added to any home without special plumbing. It’s not all rosy, though, there are some drawbacks to a combo. Drying can take significantly longer, due to a lower power heating element and complexities of the ventless system, and even LG’s full-size units are on the smaller side (typical washer capacity is 3.5-4.5 cu. ft.). Still, for minimal laundry needs, or where location may have precluded the installation of a washer and dryer, LG’s All In One Washer/Dryer Combos might be a perfect fit.