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Stupid Americans, you don’t need so much space for your washer and dryer!

LG-washer-dryer-comboSingle tub washer/dryer combos have been popular in Europe and Asia for decades; in fact, it’s rare to see a Japanese apartment without one. Their small size, combined with portability and flexibility of installation explains their popularity; most don’t require a dryer vent, and will plug into a standard household outlet. However, these units have only been available in North America for a few years, and most Americans have still never encountered one. Unlike the closet laundry centers and stackables that many apartment-dwellers are familiar with, these units wash and dry in a single tub, so no worries about moving wet loads into the dryer- a major boon for the lazy and distractible among us who’ve let a load go sour in the washer. Start a load on the way out the door in the morning, and it’s all done when you get home! Korean manufacturer LG was one of the first to bring ventless combos to the US, and they are the only manufacturer to offer a full-sized 3.6cu. ft. capacity (in addition to smaller 2.3cu. ft. capacity machines). Also available is a portability kit that adds wheels and a sink hook-up, to easily allow laundry facilities to be added to any home without special plumbing. It’s not all rosy, though, there are some drawbacks to a combo. Drying can take significantly longer, due to a lower power heating element and complexities of the ventless system, and even LG’s full-size units are on the smaller side (typical washer capacity is 3.5-4.5 cu. ft.). Still, for minimal laundry needs, or where location may have precluded the installation of a washer and dryer, LG’s All In One Washer/Dryer Combos might be a perfect fit.

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Smart toothbrushes are expensive. Quip’s model is proof why you don’t need them
you dont need spend fortune smart toothbrush quip brush

Brushing your teeth is a deeply ingrained part of the daily routine for most people. You wake up, stretch, get out of bed, and brush your teeth. It’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night. When something is as ubiquitous as that, can a smart toothbrush really make much more of a difference than a normal toothbrush?

Well, yes and no. A smart toothbrush can certainly enhance the brushing experience and give you a deeper, more dentist-like cleaning, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on one. As time goes on and smart toothbrushes become more advanced and complex, their price goes up. I spent some time using Quip's new Smart Brush, and it has forever changed my mind. Here’s why you don’t need to break the bank on a smart toothbrush.
Still a better clean than manual brushing
There's no denying the effectiveness of electric toothbrushes when it comes to getting rid of plaque -- they're better than manual brushes. Period. Two of the more popular brands on the market, Oral-B and Sonicare, have shown consumers the advantages of toothbrushes that leverage vibrating brush heads -- and Quip's interpretation is no different. Actually, Quip has been a name in the electric toothbrush scene for a while, but the recent launch of its smart toothbrush shows big improvements to the design.

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Best Buy 4th of July Appliance Sale: Refrigerators, washer-dryers, and more
A KitchenAid refrigerator.

Best Buy has announced its first wave of 4th of July sales in the form of big discounts on many must-have home appliances. The offers include price cuts on everyday essentials from refrigerators to microwaves, cooktops, washers, and much more. Best of all, the retailer is offering additional discounts for customers who purchase three or more appliances, making now is the perfect time to stock up on hardware for the renovation you’ve been planning.

The sale is so vast that it's nearly impossible to round up all of the discounted appliances in one place. To help make the shopping process a little easier, though, we’ve rounded up all of the links to the various different sections of Best Buy’s 4th of July Home Appliance Sale, eliminating the need to sift through pages upon pages of products to find what you’re looking for. Instead, you can simply choose what you’re after in the list below.

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Avoid saying these words near your smart speaker, if you don’t want it to listen
Echo Alexa

Smart speakers have been the focus of controversy and concern for some time, particularly with regard to privacy rights. Many people worry their smart devices are listening in on conversations even when the activation word has not been spoken -- and to some extent, those fears are reasonably founded. After news surfaced last summer that Google sent its audio recordings to a third party to be transcribed, many people feared their private lives had been compromised.

This news had some re-evaluating the privacy settings on smart devices, and in some instances, changing the activation phrase to something that might not be so easily triggered. It also called into question the accuracy of smart assistant listening; if you speak a word that's almost but not quite the activation phrase, will it work?

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