Lazy men rejoice: Stand just made proper bathroom etiquette easier than ever

If you have a Y chromosome, recent studies say you’ve probably done it in the men’s room, and you’ve certainly seen someone do it when they thought nobody was looking. That’s right, we’re talking about… not washing your hands after taking a leak.

Fortunately for lazy men everywhere, Latvian purveyor of pissers Stand aims to reduce the unsettling statistics that detail how few of us are properly washing up after taking care of business. Their new Tandem urinal incorporates a faucet and basin right into the top, which should cut down on whatever excuse one might find to avoid a good scrub.

Instead of a standard power flush, the drain water from the sink basin washes the bowl, which could potentially save significant amounts of water. Don’t expect to see the Tandem popping up in your favorite public john anytime soon, though; most urinals aren’t plumbed for the hot water a proper hand wash calls for.

Still, newly built or remodeled restrooms could easily include the necessary pipes. And there’s nothing keeping you from adding one to your own home during that bathroom renovation, either. Now we’re waiting for the ultimate in convenience convergence: when’s someone going to bolt an Airblade on one of these things?