LG’s new Mega and Ultra door-in-door refrigerators may also be Transformers

lgs new mega ultra door refrigerators may also transformers lmx30995st

One word can describe LG’s latest french-door refrigerator refresh: big. If you’d prefer a few more, LG uses “super”, “mega” and “ultra” to describe the capacities of their newest chill chests; several technology upgrades have been combined to shrink the guts and allow even more usable space in a standard-sized fridge. Common to all three fridges is LG’s door-in-door feature. Introduced last year, LG builds a compartment into one of the unit’s doors, which allows chronic fridge-gazers the ability to fridge gaze without letting all the cold air rush out of the main compartment (provided said fridge gazers have the foresight to populate the in-door compartment with their most commonly gazed-at goodies).

Combined with a quiet and efficient linear compressor, LG claims energy savings and more stable temperatures throughout the refrigerator. We’d believe it, especially if you’re in and out of the fridge frequently.

Ample LED lighting is placed throughout the compartments (not just on top) with a cool fade-in effect when the door is opened. In the event of a problem, LG’s Smart Diagnosis feature lets you use a smartphone to troubleshoot the issue yourself to skip expensive service calls for the dumb stuff that’s easily resolved, like overheating due to dirty coils or a clogged defrost drain. Also available are a dual-freezer drawer model (LMX30995ST) for easier access to your frozen pizzas and TV dinners, and a dual-icemaker model (LFX29945ST) that pairs the in-door dispenser with a larger capacity in-freezer icemaker, which might finally resolve the need for those massive ice bags from 7Eleven that flood your countertops during parties.