New Wink lighting kit makes it seem as though someone’s always home

wink bright smart light screen shot 2017 06 05 at 12 34 40 pm

We’re all just a little scared of the dark, but thanks to a new smart lighting kit, we may be able to assuage some of those fears. Meet the latest products from smart home company Wink, which today released a “smart lighting essentials kit” known as Wink Bright that will work with two new home safety services — the Home Sitter and Moonlight. It’s all part of Wink’s 6.0 release of its mobile app.

The smart lighting product comes with one Wink Hub 2 and two Sylvania Smart A19 dimmable bulbs. All you need to do is plug in and connect the Wink Hub to a router, twist in and turn on the bulbs, and download the companion app. From there, these light bulbs will be connected to all the products in Wink’s ecosystem, creating a connected home centered around light.

“In-home studies overwhelmingly showed that light is an intrinsic part of how our users view safety and security in the home,” said Jeff Bartenbach, head of the experience department at Wink. “We also learned that people want specific solutions to specific problems when it comes to the smart home. Wink Bright, Home Sitter, and Moonlight were designed to be exactly that: friendly, non-intimidating, and actionable home safety solutions.”

Both Home Sitter and Moonlight promise to provide “friendly, non-intimidating home safety solutions.” With Home Sitter, you can have your lights automatically turn on and off in a natural way that is meant to mimic real human activity, even if you’re on vacation or off at work. Wink’s “smart cadence” ensures that the light activity only happens when it makes sense, which means that it won’t trigger your lights at 4 a.m. or in the middle of the day.

Moonlight, on the other hand, will help ensure that you always come home to a warm, welcoming environment by turning your smart lights on at predetermined times, and then off again when it’s bedtime. Moonlight can work with both indoor and outdoor lights, and can even keep tabs on local sunrise and sunset times and adjust itself accordingly.

You can pre-order Wink Bright beginning today for $119 from the Wink website or from Home Depot. Orders should begin shipping in the next two weeks.