Part dock, part lamp, TimberHarmony is a warm walnut home for your gadgets

There are plenty of iPad and iPhone docks in the wild for you to purchase, but did you ever want a little more out of your dock? Do you wish that your dock could provide some form of lighting that doesn’t burn your retinas (your real retinas) out? Do you also want a dock that you can throw a few things on? AloLux hopes to create that very dock with its TimberHarmony Lamp Dock.

As the name suggests, TimberHarmony serves as a dock and a lamp. You can choose to have an Edison-style lamp or have a Mason Jar-compatible base with LED. Whichever you go with, though, AloLux assures you that it “will offer soft and relaxing lighting all night long.” Would-be purchasers of TimberHarmony can also purchase it with or without a dock.

The 15″ by 9″ frame of TimberHarmony allows placement of several personal items, such as your keys, wallet, glasses, and watch, among other small personal items. You can also use it to charge your devices, and once TimberHarmony’s Kickstarter project ends successfully, you can specify your devices so that TimberHarmony is tailor-made for your devices.

Speaking of tailor-made, TimberHarmony is made, by hand, from solid black walnut wood. To get it to look the way it does, AloLux sanded and hand-rubbed the wood with natural oils and beeswax. According to AloLux, each TimberHarmony will differ in color and grain pattern, so no two are ever the same. Interestingly, for each TimberHarmony sold, AloLux plants a tree, creating quite the cycle of life here.

AloLux hopes to fund the TimberHarmony through its Kickstarter page, which will begin accepting pledges on Tuesday, April 22 at 11am EST. Pledging $135 will net you the lamp-only version, while $225 will get you the dock lamp. TimberHarmony is expected to ship sometime in July.