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Amazon schedules event for next week; is this its tablet unveiling?

amazon tablet android samsung

Last we heard, an Amazon tablet of some sort was due to hit this fall. And if the online retailer’s event scheduled for next week means what we think it does, then everything’s right on schedule. According to the Associated Press, Amazon will hold a press conference September 28, next Wednesday, most likely to announce its new Android tablet.

Amazon’s expected to launch a family of tablets, starting with a 7-inch version this October and later introducing a 10-inch model. The manufacturer is said to be the best chance in the war on the iPad, while other Android manufacturers have struggled to compete with Apple’s dominating tablet. A low price, popular household name, and Amazon’s growing cloud service and app store are speculated to translate into success for the anticipated tablet.

Stayed tuned until next Wednesday at 9 a.m. EST when Amazon hopefully unveils its new gadget.

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