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Android will soon monitor battery of wireless earbuds, find them if they get lost

Google will soon roll out updates to Android’s Fast Pair feature that will improve the operating system’s support for true wireless earbuds.

In an Android Developers blog post, Google acknowledged the importance of building up support for true wireless earbuds, as they continue to gain in popularity after the launch of Apple’s AirPods in late 2016.

One of the upcoming features for Android is the ability to display the battery information not just for each wireless earbud, but also that of their charging case. This will make it much easier to monitor the need for a recharge.

Another Fast Pair feature that is on the way is compatibility with the Find My Device app and website, which will allow owners of the devices to track them down if they get misplaced. Owners of wireless earbuds will be able to view the location and time of last use, as well as unpair or ring the earbuds to help find them if they are within range.

Once Android Q is rolled out, wireless earbuds and other Fast Pair devices will each have an enhanced details page, which will include links to Find My Device, Google Assistant settings (if available), and additional settings that will link to the manufacturer’s companion app.

Google has also expanded the list of devices that can take advantage of the Fast Pair feature, providing Android device owners more options to choose from as an alternative to Apple’s AirPods. Here is the list of new Fast Pair devices, which were announced at the annual I/O Conference.

  • 1More Dual Driver BT ANC
  • Anker Spirit Pro GVA
  • Anker SoundCore Flare+ (Speaker)
  • Cleer Ally Plus
  • Jaybird Tarah
  • JBL Live 220BT
  • JBL Live 400BT
  • JBL Live 500BT
  • JBL Live 650BT
  • LG HBS-SL5
  • LG HBS-PL5

The Fast Pair feature uses Bluetooth Low Energy and the Android smartphone’s location to automatically find nearby Bluetooth devices. The smartphone and the device may be paired with the simple tap on an on-screen notification.

For the best true wireless earbuds in the market, check out our guide, which features the 1More Stylish, the Jabra Elite Active 65t, the Sennheiser Momentum, and several other options.

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