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Apple Music rolls out New Music Daily to keep you updated with the latest songs

Apple Music has rolled out a new playlist named New Music Daily, which aims to keep subscribers updated with the latest songs as the world’s most popular artists release them.

In its description, New Music Daily is the home for “the latest must-hear songs,” and it is updated every day. The lead single in the first-ever edition of the playlist is The Man by Taylor Swift, from her new album Lover. Apple Music will be featuring different lead artists in the artwork for the playlist as its contents change daily.

The first New Music Daily includes more than 80 songs from other artists such as Lana Del Rey, Missy Elliott, and Wiz Khalifa, with a total runtime of about five hours.

Most of Apple’s editorial playlists are curated every week, so New Music Daily breaks the mold by offering a new playlist every day. The new playlist replaces Best of the Week, one of the playlists updated weekly.

With New Music Daily, Apple Music subscribers will be able to enjoy a more dynamic playlist. While every song on the list will not be different each day, there will be much more variance compared to Best of the Week, which remained static for a full seven days before being updated.

Subscribers will be able to add New Music Daily to their library, and the playlist will automatically update as the curators change its contents.

The launch of New Music Daily comes right after the rollout of the Shazam Discovery Top 50. The playlist is the first of its kind on Apple Music that uses Shazam, the music-seeking app that Apple purchased last year. The music identification app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times and is used 20 million times daily, and the data that this activity generates is likely behind the new Shazam-powered playlist.

Apple Music, which offers 50 million songs on demand, also offers live radio stations and custom playlists. Apple’s music streaming service comes with a three-month free trial, after which subscriptions cost $10 per month or $99 per year for an individual, and $15 per month for a family plan that may include up to six members.

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