AT&T Drops Verizon Ad Campaign Lawsuits

verizon_ad_misfit_toysToday, AT&T dropped its pending Verizon “There’s a Map for That” lawsuits and decided to play nice after all. Weird, we wonder where all this passivity, forgiveness and good holiday cheer came from—oh wait, that’s right, AT&T lost its request to have Verizon’s ads pulled down and just ranked lowest in customer satisfaction ratings. Well, at least now everyone can move on and do what they should’ve been doing all along—like gaining customer support by lowering prices and upping service quality.

The Wall Street Journal reported that AT&T invited a lot of Industry criticism with its Verizon campaign lawsuits because it “drew more attention to the campaign and opened AT&T to further ridicule.” AT&T had already been hit with criticism over its network congestion issues, and then after ranking lowest in customer satisfaction on a Consumer Reports survey, the service provider was dealing with a range of disapproval from consumers and the mobile community.

Let this be a lesson to you AT&T, just because you have the iPhone doesn’t mean you’re the top dog in wireless carriers. There was no reason to bring the courts or Luke Wilson into this.