Legally Blonde: Cake-ordering Scotland woman fooled by auto-correct

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There are plenty of horror stories when it comes to auto-correct, a phone feature that everyone loves and hates at the same time. There are even websites that devote their time to divulging auto-correct fails. Unfortunately for 52-year-old Marrie Seggie, she found an exploit of hers detailed on one of these websites, reports the Daily Record.

As a way for Seggie to celebrate her 21-year-old daughter’s birthday, the Scotland native texted a baker she knew to order a birthday cake. The text was supposed to direct the baker to put a blonde girl on top of the cake, since Seggie’s daughter, Laura, is blonde. Unfortunately, when the cake arrived, there was a blind girl instead, since the word “blonde” was auto-corrected to “blind.”

17-year-old Emily Seggie took a picture of the cake and posted it on her Twitter page. The picture has been retweeted over 18,000 times as of this writing. According to Emily, everyone ended up having a laugh about the gaffe.

“When we got the cake on Friday, mum called us in and asked us if we could see anything wrong with it. We were a bit confused why there was a blind girl on top but then mum told us the mistake she had made with auto-correct,” said the teenager. “Thankfully, we all saw the funny side of it, including my mum’s friend. We were going to take it off the top because we weren’t sure if it would be seen as offensive but decided to keep it in the end.”

The moral of the story, thankfully, is plainly obvious: always make sure to proofread your messages before you send them out, something that we shouldn’t have to worry about with auto-correct in the first place.

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