Best Buy preparing for Galaxy S4 launch with built-in Samsung Stores

Best Buy Mobile

Joining the Apple-only section of Best Buy stores will be a Samsung-centric area for fans and potential converts of the brand. The expansion begins next month, right around the time the Galaxy S4 will launch in the U.S.

Best Buy told that the first high-traffic locations will be instructed to make space for two aisles in its mobile department in preparation of the Samsung Store. As expected, this area will be decked out in Samsung from head to toe, including massive signage and interactive demo stations for new and existing Samsung products.

Of course, the Galaxy S4 will be the star for the time being, but the store will continue promoting new and old devices that come after the Galaxy S4. This limited implementation of Samsung Stores will eventually end with one being placed in every Best Buy location. There will also be a specific type of training rolled out for the section so employees in the mobile department are particularly knowledgeable about Samsung products and features to sell them more effectively.

The special treatment isn’t surprising given Samsung’s worldwide brand recognition, we still see the Galaxy S3 as one of the few mainstream Android devices. Best Buy’s Apple section is basically a chunk of the real Apple store pasted into Best Buy’s much less attractive surroundings. The products have room to breathe and the employees milling around are knowledgeable and friendly. Samsung, or any other brand, could really benefit from that type of treatment.

Some may view this as an unfair advantage to Samsung. Receiving a special spot at a huge retailer like Best Buy is an incredible asset for any company, but it works both ways. Best Buy is struggling to right itself after being beaten into the ground by competing online retailers like Amazon, and Best Buy’s mobile section has been a big focus in that attempt at a comeback.

A focus on an already successful company like Samsung may take the shine off beauties like the HTC One, but for Best Buy it is nothing but good news. Offering customers an exclusive experience when shopping for a highly desired product is exactly the strategy Best Buy needs to challenge the online business model. Customer service and hands-on experience is really all it has left to offer.